Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

  • Jawbone

    #50 Keep calm and enjoy the diabetes.

  • D B

    #32 #38
    Please, for all the kittens in the world, moar pls.

  • driftwoodprose

    Could we please talk about #4 a bit?

  • sean

    #14 Tampa FL Bayshore BLVD flooded due to some whore named debby. glad i dont live there anymore

  • OhHeyTJ

    #32 I AM ABSOLUTELY MESMERIZED. So unique and utterly gorgeous. MOAR!!!!!

  • Tedskin

    #16 more oics scroll down to see them

  • JLS

    #25 FIND!!!

  • Ashleyrose

    Another oklahoma pic! Hollaaaa

  • Angeko

    I wanna go halves on a baby wit baby vegan booty

  • @ItsMyRushmore

    Sooooo I've been away from The Chive for awhile, but is every thread now just pictures of hot girls with the occasional "funny" one thrown in to give your wrists a rest?

  • david billa

    hot girls !!! man shoot

  • Exam Results

    heheh cute hot and madness..nice collection

  • Toby Ulery

    #32 ….wow. Simply gorgeous. Thank you for posting 🙂

  • okiefrommuskogee

    #50, just a bunch of fuckin Okie's gettin hammered

  • Halfrican

    #16<—– MOAR!!! Please, please MOAR.

  • mdsawyermd

    Pretty sure that's in Old Town, Mallorca, Spain.

  • tobythebeagle

    I can't believe no one spotted number 4?!?!?!?

  • Deuce

    #25 f'ing masterpiece

  • ThatGuy

    NO! #54 cannot come from U of A! Unbelievable!

  • Ron

    #50 andy milonakis is DTF

  • da goober

    #16 and #38 Chive u know what u must do

  • BOB

    #32 I just want to kiss her belly button and then do unheard of things to the rest of her.

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  • Rob

    #54 Go Cats!

  • winter curry


    also, 50…and a bunch of fat dudes showed up.

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