Soooo…. you got wasted (26 Photos)

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  • douche baggins

    Happy Canada day to the Canadian chivettes and chivers

    • Uncle Sam

      Fuck Canada.

      • Turd Ferguson

        First laugh of the day. Thank you. LMFAO

      • Euhhh

        Fuck you. Poorest country on Earth is…..

        • Fuck Canada

          Not the United States, you fucking moron.

          • Canadian Chivette

            And that just goes to show how little class you Americans have! Come up here and we'll teach ya some respect, asshole!

            • Canadia

              ooohh soh yah gize leik dah bacun ay?

            • Holy Shit WTF.

              Come up where ? I'd sooner find a polar bear than a smelly canadian.

          • Fuck the USA

            how's the debt going over there? better start working on those chinese lessons. good luck since you fat fucks can barely speak english.

            • Canadian bacon

              Canada is best known for being USA's northern border… and sucking dick at sports.

              • Yep.

                Don't you mean,


      • shane

        fuck you.

        • Shane's friend

          No Shane fuck you

      • CanadianPride

        Fuck you.

      • George Washington

        Agreed. Canadian men have fewer balls than women. Yes, they have negative-balls. True story.

        • Clutch101

          What you know about our wonderful Country and the amazing people that live in it could be shoved up your ass without a change of expression on your face. Please keep your ignorant comments to your self. KCCO Canada!

          • USA

            We'd tip our hat to you, but we're afraid you'd fall out.

            • Clutch101

              You Sir, are part of the group that gives your country the bad image that it has. All of this anger that you throw at a person you don't know, from a country that you know even less about.

              Sorry I was late in my response… Was busy celebrating the kickass country I live in with the rest of those who live here.

      • Canadian Guest

        Fucking stupid Americans, just say thanks to Canada for all we do for you , then ask your normal…where is Canada?

        • stupid cannucks

          oh ya, eh, coz canada does so much for the US… like make shitty canadian bacon (which SUCKS compared to American bacon) and shares such AWESOME sports like curling and the canadian football league. suckers.

          • Back Baconator

            I believe you are referring to what I call "Back Bacon"… only Americans call it Canadian Bacon. BTW, we also consume copius quantities of smoked "pork belly" bacon which I don't think is considered world wide as "American Bacon". Pure ignorance my friend!
            I won't touch the curling comment because I would be bringing a gun to your knife fight.

            Happy Canada Day from St. Johns to Victoria…. KS in Ottawa !!!!!

            • Chicago Sean

              If your government allowed you to own a gun

              • Clutch101

                Why don't you educate yourself with our laws before you comment on them and make a fool of yourself. Just a thought.

          • Vin

            The US has about 5 years before its potato chips, welfare checks and grade 4 level math catches up to it and puts it into social and economic poverty.

            Grab a Busch, settle in to your ass groove and flip NASCAR back on.


            • Andy

              I'm American and your comment legitamately made me laugh. I hate NASCAR, light beer, and people who don't actively seek to better themselves. So to you folks out there living unfulfilling lives, be the change you want to see.

          • Gixxer

            Did u forget where hockey came from u fucking handytard!! Isn't the USA the number one plae for gays as well! Shit sticks!!!

          • Canadian Guest

            yes we do have back bacon and also regular bacon too, but can an asswipe like yourself guess where most of your imported oil comes from…it's just north of your border and as for this Canadian I say fuck you ,turn the taps off for oil, power and water. All of which is imported from us ! And see how long it is before you come back asking for forgiveness

      • Canadian Chivette

        Fuck you. Proud to say you aren't a part of our amazing country. You're a class act, bud!

      • >:)

        Way to stereotype the citizens of both countries. Cause you know all Canadians worship hockey and take shots of maple syrup. And all Americans are fat lazy redneck slobs… Oh wait no, that's not it all. Maybe if you would take the time to visit your neighbors the world would be a little better place. Maybe try and understand our differences? Just maybe appreciate the blessing of being first world countries. Or I guess we could just resort to the juvenile antics of name calling because the clearly gets a lot of things done. Just look at our joyful American Congress!

        • Canadian Chivette

          If you're actually referring to MY comment, I think you need to re-read it. I didn't throw any stereotypical comments in there anywhere. I simply stated how inconsiderate and plain disgusting it is to act like that. As an Albertan, a Canadian, a North American if you will, I was raised better than to have such ignorance and disrespect. It would just be nice to see the same from others.

          And let me tell you a few things about us Canadians. We DO worship hockey, we DO love maple syrup, and on the 4th of July, I'll be wishing all you Americans the best. Cause that's what is Canucks do. Those are just the type of people we are.

          • >:)

            Well you see I was replying to the first comment, it just happen to drop to below yours. See how yours has a small indentation after mine, that's a direct reply. My comment was more of a general statement of all the comments. No need to get so defensive either, you're reading comments from a select demographic of people which is not an accurate way of sampling a population. So no, not all Americans hate Canada and not all Americans are disrespectful. Honestly, most of the people above probably don't hate Canada either, they just like to start up some lovely interweb arguments.

    • Trevor Muxlow

      Fuck yes! Happy Canada day!!!!

    • Canadius

      Back @ ya! KCCO eh!

    • Canadian Chivette

      Hell yeah! Happy Canada Day, eh!

      • SkofeALofe

        Right back at ya!
        I had to celebrate it in South Korea this year… but I found my fellow canucks and damnit we shot off some fireworks and played flip cups like pros!
        Canada vs USA in flip cup olympics… nice!

    • Clutch101

      From a BC Chiver… Your beautiful Canada. Happy Birthday. So proud to live here!

    • masshole

      Canada day is like having a special day for the kids who get picked last in gym class rock on canadia

    • Holy Shit WTF.

      Canada is so poor and dumb it is retarded. They decided to riot during there own olympics. You canadian's make the dutch look smart. Fuck Canada, Fuck your flappy heads and beady eye's, fuck poteen , and whole heartedly fuck the french. OMG, i forgot fuck canada day.

      • Yep.

        The stereotypical American is overly sensitive to criticism to the point of hostility.

        Go figure!

        • Holy Shit WTF.

          I'm not your frwiend, Guy. I don't think you know aboot sensitivity. Go chase a seal or something. Fuck Canada. A.K.A. the french's abortion.

          • Yep.

            Hahaha, nothing like proving your opponents point.

            • Your real dad

              USA! Woo!

      • Canadian Chivette

        Shame on your parents, you ignorant little fuck. I can't even think of anything to say to your comment, I honestly don't think it matters what I say, you wouldn't comprehend much of it anyway. Little advice, though, go back to school. You need to learn some manners. A little hooked on phonics would probably be a good idea as well! Best of luck to you in life.. You're gonna need it.

        • Holy Shit WTF.

          Hahaha, nothing like proving your opponents point.

          • ...

            What point?

    • halfassed911

      EVERYBODY CHILL THE FUCK OUT. At least neither of us are Mexico

      • Dane

        Mexican* 🙂

    • Dane

      Ever seen Wall-E? Pretty much sums up Merica right there. Not to mention being uneducated ignorant terrorist at the same time. Fuck America in its inbred redneck ass! Your country is a joke to the world, but all of you lazy idiots are to blind to look past your own sisters vagina's! Eat a fat dick! Canada rocks! Happy fucking Canada Day! 🙂

      • Yep.

        Maybe a little excessive…

      • Canadian Chivette

        You just made this Canadian girls day!

      • Doug

        Ever seen Wall-E? Pretty much sums up Merica right there. Not to mention being uneducated[,] ignorant terrorist[s] at the same time. Fuck America in its inbred[,] redneck ass! Your country is a joke to the world, but all of you lazy idiots are [too] blind to look past your own sister['s] vagina[s]! Eat a fat dick! Canada rocks! Happy fucking Canada Day!

        Perhaps you were too blind to see all your errors. But what do I know? I'm just an uneducated and ignorant terrorist.

        • Canadian Chivette

          Oh, Doug. Please fuck me in the ass doggy-style while we're watching the hockey game.

  • bkfrijoles

    #9 I bet she use to it

    • joe

      Ready for photoshop

  • JDCF

    hungover and reading this…

    • Needlegun13

      Gatorade and tacos bro – go get 'em and call us tomorrow.

      • YOYO123

        vitamen water works best

        • .....

          vita"men" water that's the one made from sperm right???? I prefer vitamin water myself

    • Chuck Norris

      not being a dumbass helps best.

      • Beard

        Jesus can walk on water, but Chuck Norris can swim through land.

  • taylor s

    #9 she's not just used to it, she wants to do it for a living.

    • Burt Reynolds

      We're just missing the "Brazzers" logo at the bottom.

  • Drunk Bitch is Drunk


    Oh yeah, that's what I want. A woman who gets drunk and acts the fool. Mmhmm. That's classy, right enough.

    • Child Please

      Fuck classy. The post is "soooo you got wasted"

      Sooooooo…. fuck off.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Sooooo, you'd prefer an uptight bitch who probably looks down on anyone daring to let loose?

      Yeah, that'll be a fun relationship.

      • Tee

        It's sad that this got thumbs up. It's so ignorant.

        • Kronchuck

          agreed. chivers need to grow the fuck up and get a sense of humor.

          • AnyoneForCoffee

            Indeed they do.

    • SanDiego

      u mad bro

    • Kyle Heard

      that chick looks fun as hell to party with lol.

  • Mr.T


  • Poor kids

    Would hate to live in such a tiny house #23

    • Child Please

      It's called college, bitch. Enjoy your castle.

      • Kyle Supernault

        am i the only one who noticed there are only 2 females in this entire photo… all of a sudden that party dont look so good now does it?

        • JohnnyD

          This is not a party.. its a hardcore show in someone's backyard…

          • techno_viking

            If by hardcore show you mean cockfest, then yes, you are correct.

  • Cosmo Kramer

    #9 I didn't think that was champagne at first.
    #25 Heisman!

  • Needlegun13

    #12 Seems legit…

  • Barf

    #23 project X? Some nice tits in that movie.

    • RobTalk

      Ummmm….cock fest! I see one fucking chick on the roof and on the ground and that's it. I'll be at home.

  • Dr. Evil

    #26 is clever. It made me laugh.

  • rmx386

    #24. Win. Without a doubt. Wasted or not, that'd be amazing.

    • Muadieb

      Like the picture says, "Fuck Yeah"

  • Bill

    #22 up top: find her!

    • Billybob

      Find both of them

      • John

        Yeah, but the one in the red first

    • tim

      Find her some cold sore ointment.

  • tuppy war dance

    kinda thinking twitter has messed my life.thanks

  • yeeNyeee

    #7 i would rather sleep than watch the browns too

  • James

    #7 well it is a browns game. could of passed out outta boredom.

  • unkownzone


  • TjRauch

    #9 yes i wanna meet her!

  • goodguysfan

    #2 I love…carpet

    • Joe

      I thought those Febreeze commercials were just bullshit….i guess not

  • ColaChiver

    soooo….you're a bunch of dumbasses who can't hold your alcohol.

    • nate

      you know even the greatest drinker in the world has a limit at some point…i'm sure youve neeeeever done something stupid with a BAC

  • Anonymous

  • Paula_

    This gallery needs moar CATS!!1!
    And boobs.
    Oh, and redheads. With freckles, your beloved Paula sure loves the freckles… ❤
    Oh! And FLBP of course!!

    Aw, FUCK IT! This gallery really really really sucks ass…. It can't be saved. Fuck you Mac, for holding back on the tits and ass your beloved Paula craves for! Asshat!

    – Fan testimonial: "I'll feed you one more time. You are the worst kid of person. I hope this temporarily assuages your insecurity. To call you a piece of shit would not express it well enough. – keystone183"

    • keystone183

      Fuck you

      • douche bag

        you first

    • Yann Mathieu

      I'm sorry but I never read wtf you write, I just vote negatively on wtf you say otherwise I don't feel calm at all.
      Just sayin'

      • tosser


    • Holy Shit WTF.

      Paula LG called me last night. She said she hate's you. It wasn't the naked pictures, it was you. Go fuck yourself. Sorry to break the News.

      • BrightSpark

        Paula IS LG dummy!

        • fuck face

          fuck you little bitch

  • Nanook

    #1 Find her. Or should I say find the ta-ta's that are about to explode out of that blouse.

    • Paul B.

      I'm with ya… she's got the cute and slightly nerdy look that makes me feel kinda funny. Like the climbing the rope in gym class.

    • W Thomas Kimberly

      my thought exactly!!!! DAMN!!

    • Beng

      Agreed, on another note whenever i see this pic i always think the guy on the left with white shirt looks like a young Jimmy Mc Nulty

      • sandy astroglide

        And since this is roughly the 30th time the Chive has posted this pic, you've had time to do the research.

  • Jackie Treehorn

    #17 should barf on that fuckin vest and then burn it. Suck it Trebek

    • Child Please

      Eye contact mid-vomit? That's a real man right there lol. Props

  • popmad9

    #17 The most photogenic puker / Aladdin

    • fits

      I can show you the… huurrrrllllll

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