Soooo…. you got wasted (26 Photos)

Are you wasted? Get your shit together and send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • jab

    #23 i found a total of two females in that sausage party

    • Trask

      before or after your Hot Pocket was done?

    • Tru Chiver

      still more chicks than a chive get together. KCCO

      • Chim Richels

        That's some funny shit right there. Actually, there are a few chicks. Someone pays them to dress up like characters from the video games these dorks worship.

  • Corey Bahn

    I laughed harder then i probably should have at #1

  • Fuck off losers


    Oh look, a drunken slut. Quick, losers! You have a chance to lose your virginity! And with a human being!

    • Phil

      hey basement dweller online sex chatting and frequent visits to pornhub doesn't mean you lost your virginity

    • Someone is bitter

      looks like someone got rejected by a "drunken slut" recently

      • Kronchuck

        looks like a defensive chiver is sick of dating pamela handerson.

  • LoBugg

    #24 Amazing

  • Easeball

    Well some people's kids lol

  • Mark Andrew LeDonne

    #9 I think I love you.

    • Lunch_Box

      So what am I so afraid of.

      • Meowma

        Lunch_box so long as you are not a cohost of a syndicted morning talk show from Austin, that was hilarious.

        • Lunch_Box

          No worries, not a co-host.

  • buzzy

    #9 is begging to be photo shopped

  • Anonymous

    #1 just look at here find her we need moar 🙂

  • Mikey

    #9 Will now be officially referred to as "Beerkkake"

  • Bean


  • Brian

    How the hell?!! That looks crazy, its all one stream connected to the ground

  • Yolo

    That's two more women that would ever come to any party you'll ever throw.

  • sherry

    24 BAZINGA

  • sherry

    #24 BAZINGA

  • Eric Sailor

    more #9

  • Guest

    Haha these were great…on reddit 2 days ago lololo

    • Wyatt


  • a-nom

    Thank you

  • MattKL

    #14 FTW

  • waty

    Let the photoshopping start!… And find MOAR if you don't mind 🙂

  • Aide Pineda

    #17 sooo grosss eeewww!!!!!

  • TigerLily2012

    #5 #10 and #11 funny as hell!!!

  • Go Hoosiers

    #24 now all you need is the toddler piss, looks like an epic good time!

  • Mighty

    #12 no one's ever going to find him/her, who reads books now days!

  • MunMun$

    #17 Too bad you got sick bro. You definitely would have been pulling some tail in that outfit.

  • bigroger27509

    #1 Let see the after pictures!

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