A future without lower back problems is no friend of mine (30 Photos)

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  • Shawn

    Too Fucking Stupid; Didn't Read

  • oliver

    You are a moron. Thechive is not a civil rights site.

  • Tim

    Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah. Get a life.

  • https://www.facebook.com/smartinez08 Saul Martinez

    #15 #19 #22 #31 #36 #37 Peeeeerfect


    AWWW can we not block this BALLBAG? FUPPIN EEJIT!

  • goatpunch

    1. The chive is user submitted. They are not going to just put lame black girls who don't measure up to standard of the rest of the girls in every post because you want it. How can you possibly know how many submissions they get that are black girls? I would be willing to bet they just save up the good ones for the black is beautiful post. Can you prove how many submissions of cute black girls are being submitted in comparison with whites? if not then you don't have a leg to stand on, and there is nothing you can do about it, except annoy the rest of us
    2.If chivette's are such vapid bitches, then why do you want more black girls who are vapid bitches if you hate them in the first place? doesn't make any sense
    3. No one actually thinks they're solving a world problem by saying kcco. However, when someone like taylor receives the attention he did, just by posting on the chive, I would say the community can definitely change lives for the better.
    4. I like how you skipped for and five. If you really want to make a point try a little proofreading, and maybe people will take you more seriously
    5. Thechive is less convoluted than reddit. Reddit is much more cluttered, and the chive is easier to navigate
    6. I don't understand the point of this. Possibly just trolling for attention? What is the ultimate goal? you say you hate the chive, and chivers yet you want them to change things to suit you? why would anyone do that? It's like, "You suck, now please do me some favors! I hate your site, so please make some changes for me!" You would catch more bees with honey, brother! This whole post is contradictory

  • thisguy5657

    # 7 is adorable. We need more…

  • schmee

    one of the best galleries to date, booyah

  • this guy

    Shut the fuck up.

  • Morris

    I like tits

  • ChuckNormis

    #30 Classy and beautiful

  • greenbay4ever


    Who is that? I need to see more of her.

  • PTi

    To the girl in the suicide silence shirt marry me. And 17 is the bad news that I'm a gamer ? Or a gaymer ?

  • Marcis

    #7 #7 #7 I need to know who she is! im absolutely in love! Please Chive HELP!!!!!

  • Kiki

    Best flbp ever

  • Alexgm

    # 38 I want to go to there.

  • haymaker

    #7 & #12 moar please! Gorgeous!

  • Ramblinwreck

    Someone find #31

  • Heathen

    #24 I freakin love tan lines, and she's got nice ones

  • Greg

    Who's #25?

  • Lucas

    Ha! My girlfriend made it. She's not even dressed up, that's after riding roller coasters all day. Thanks King Tut at Busch Gardens. #32

  • Mr.S

    Please find #7 an #10!!

  • Chi-T-Bone


    I'm officially in LOVE. ❤

    • steve

      me too

  • Daniel

    #22 . There she is, the hottest thing to ever live. Jessica Jane Clement mmmmmm I'd have taken her before the boob job even, just saying…

  • Rucktified

    wow #38

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