Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Chim Richels

    #5 – take the $20 and buy a dictionary to learn the difference between 'ravished' and 'ravaged'

  • Silent

    #13 is this in loudoun county?

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #14 first world problems: kid wants a push on the swing and you want a beer in the shade
    redneck solutions FTW

  • Justin

    #14 Earns parent of the year award!! Brilliant sir!

  • Bob

    Beer out of reach… So close…

  • Lunch_Box

    #3 Just dumb.

  • knotmee

    Almost every year wildfires "ravish" (really? ravish? fucking morons, every last one of you) parts of Southern California, but it happens once in Colorado and its suddenly the worst thing in the whole world.
    And can you be a little more douche-like in your charity? Not only make a big sign of 20 lousy bucks, but then take a picture of it and send it to a website. Loser.

  • knotmee

    #24 They apparently don't teach the difference between "to", "too", and "two" in Moosejaw. Fucking morons.


      they missed one o. They seem to spell like any other person under 25 on this planet.

  • deprydation



  • HerkemerHomolka

    # 28 http://thechive.com/2012/07/02/daily-morning-awes
    go be fat somwhere else…

  • dragon2777

    #18 I had fun once, it was horrible #27 Here comes the lunch buffet

  • Catzb

    #25 and #26….. And not a single fuck was given that day

  • socalmarti

    #19 Listen here bitches my boyfriend is Batman!!!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/JJrrake @JJrrake

      Well obviously not because ud know hes the batman not batman

  • grumpy

    #5 – no, the least you could do would be to sign a petition to give health care to those firefighters, who actually do not have health care now: http://www.change.org/petitions/give-health-care-

  • chim Richels

    Amen. Not to mention that last time I checked, firefighters get paid for their services.

    More typical mawkish bullshit by people trying to make themselves feel like they are doing something important.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dallen.mckinnis Dallen McKinnis

    Is that Pauly Shore in #11?

    • thom

      Nah, I think those are Rhesus monkeys. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  • ckron247

    #10 holy F@#kin sh!t…. Looks like someone lost a bet. Ouch!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.beardslee Brandon Beardslee

    #3 would make me feel very Indy

  • https://www.facebook.com/timsawyer420 Timothy Carey

    The floating ads on your site are just plain wrong. Don't be evil chive. You should know better.

  • Dobber

    #5 From a Colorado Firefighter that is the best thank you can give us. Thanks you for the support!!!!

  • Matt

    #3: "SEE the Big F*@#ing Rock somebody paid Good Money to have installed here! Homeless People get in FREE!!!"

    • thom

      Someone paid for? YOu mean you and I paid for. This is probably some government building.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.newcomb1 Rachel Newcomb

    #5 that top picture is from the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs, so devastating. Very thankful to all the firefighters fighting every fire in CO. The one in Fort Collins is 100% contained, Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs is 55% contained and last I heard the fire in Boulder is 90% contained.

  • Derby

    Ever since the fires of our canyon, I have a standing offer of free beers, etc to anyone of the CDF. I've been on the line, and these guys work their ass off!
    I can't Thank you guys enough.

  • http://www.facebook.com/groups/449213905097537/ Saskguy26

    #24 KCCO fellow Saskatchewanians!

  • Damien Loki


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