Let’s take a ride down Find Her lane (32 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/cvineyard Curtis Vineyard

    #7…must find…need moar…

    • biggles

      Some of these woman, aren't worth finding on a milk carton.

      Just sayin.

    • hank

      minx in va beach

    • Knockout_Ned

      Out of all the women in this post…. Seriously??

      • Barney Stinson

        yes. seriously. god forbid someone vie for some variety outside of the generic "shoulder length hair, flesh colored makeup, and lingerie".

        • Huell

          says the guy who comes to the chive. i'm with ned. not worth finding.

    • it's.....

      Sarah Harding

      • guy

        no its not. its Sara X. she was a friend of mine in high school.

        • Kristen

          Did you fuck her?

          • Guy

            Hell yeah

    • evihc

      Time for a distinction John.

      Find Her: Random internet babes
      Come Forward: Chivettes who have submitted pics and chivers want moar.

    • ben

      Sara X Mills

    • http://www.facebook.com/mtbiker124 Nick Parsons

      #18 Marilyn Mansons sister?

  • El_profe

    #11 and #33 please find

    • workingbruin

      Yes, please do find #11

      • Found

        Check reddit. Search baaabydoll. Enjoy

    • GAChiver

      #33 Hillary Fisher

      • asdfl

        and she has been found several times over

    • Steve

      33, hillary fisher

  • https://www.facebook.com/ZackChapman Zack Tiberius Chapman

    how are things on the west coast??

  • Rugs

    #33 is Hillary Fisher.

  • babyfartmagizax

    #2 #25 #30 #33 Must find!!! For the love of GOD!

    • Knockout_Ned

      Must find handcuffs for Babyqueef!!

      • douche baggins

        You posted 2 mins after him… Are you some sort of douche?

        • Knockout_Ned

          Douche baggins calls me a douche… An insult as original as that could only come from Babyqueef, posting under another name…

        • hfdx

          clown shoes.

        • Ron Swanson

          don't forget to log back in, Babyfart.

  • Brandon

    #30 must.have.moar.

    • Notme

      Looks to be full of dirty fun

    • Uh oh

      something about her does it for me.

      • Uh oh

        Oh yeah…Boobs.

    • Winchester

      Yes. Do find. All kinds of yes. Can't words because boobs.

    • KCCOBC

      Must find! She looks like a lot of fun 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/cvineyard Curtis Vineyard

    oh and dont forget her

    • Bnzs

      Found – TwinPeaksRestaurant

      • nosk

        in austin texas!

  • Casey

    #15 is balls to the wall gorgeous. I'm also quite partial to #30.

    • Mike

      #15 looks like Selena.

      • not mike

        looks likes nina dobrev

      • vinh.banh

        it is nina dobrev..her doppleganger is victoria justice

  • Knockout_Ned


    • Yosi

      Alina Troeva. Bottom right-hand corner.

      • Knockout_Ned

        Don't know how the fuck you saw that, but THANK YOU!

      • FactChecker

        That's actually the photographer… Her name is on his site but I can't get the translator to function properly…

        • Ryan

          You must be using Bing

    • theFinder

      Lena is the girl on the Photograph!

  • Justin Cider

    #1 i'd ride both!

    • Matt


    • simons

      I know which I'd ride harder & get more enjoyment from

  • Wind O. Change

    #28 My friend down under approves…and I'm not talking about any aussies

  • Onlooker

    #16 COULD be fun. #25 WOULD be fun…

  • Schnizz56

    I know one place you wont find them… My bed 😦

  • Word
    • meeeee

      muy buenas nalgas…

    • https://www.facebook.com/zach.sharpe.90 Zach Sharpe

      Thank you sir.

  • brav0zulu

    #4 is Mina Stefan.

    • Ned_Ryerson

      at first i was a little disappointed when i clicked the link, at least compared to #4. the more i scrolled around though, i became a BIG fan. beautiful woman, loving the no makeup shots.

    • lttido

      Also taken, according to her ring 🙂

  • deprydation


    Please for all that is good and holy…please find her. I think I'm in love.

  • http://twitter.com/keepcalmchiveon @keepcalmchiveon

    #24 Found: In doctor's office waiting…indefinitly

    • jallen

      Why would you want to find her… look at what she's holding.. You're signing your own death warrant…

      • http://www.facebook.com/mark.loehrer Mark Loehrer

        If you're a redneck, I suppose so.

    • theRoddick

      Bingo! lol

    • Just Sayin'

      At least all those expensive abortions will be covered for "free"!

      • Owen Smithers

        And, now we can tax her for NOT taking birth control. Heck, now we can be taxes for NOT doing anything! We must resist our liberties being taken!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/mark.loehrer Mark Loehrer

          Lol, someone didn't read the bill, or if you did, the one Rush Limbaugh sent you…lol

          • Owen Smithers

            I read the SCOTUS decision allowing for us to be taxed for things we choose NOT to do. The decision that allows us to be taxed for simply existing.

            If you're referring to the couple thousand page Obamacare law, I doubt ANYONE has read it, up to and including the people who voted for it and the president who signed it!!!

            • flatlander

              Right. Fucking. On, Owen.

              • Owen Smithers

                Thanks, bro. And thanks for appreciating liberty. It's worth the struggle…

    • Guest

      She epitomizes "dumb blonde".

    • Tfred

      Sylvan isn't covered by health insurance honey…

    • Kodos

      Obama-naut.. thus FAIL

      At least birth control will be handed out…

    • http://www.thedoctors.com/ecm/groups/public/@tdc/@web/documents/web_content/con_id_004676.pdf JESSE

      I'm so proud of my fellow Chivers after seeing these replies. -A soon to be doctor

      • Owen Smithers

        Soon to be Doc, I thank you for wanting to be a doctor, and I want to pay a reasonable rate for your services. What drives me crazy is being billed $4500, of which insurance will pay $3000, I pay $1500 which goes to defer the costs of everyone who pays nothing, so then you get $500. So not only do I pay the $1500, I (through my employer) pays insurance premiums. I'd gladly rather pay you for your time and knowledge directly to you, but I HAVE to participate in this massive mess of insurance/gov't/employer craziness. I think insurance should be for catastrophic coverage, and the rest should be paid out of pocket directly to those who provide the service. But that requires people to take responsibility and doesn't grow government, sooooooooo….

        • http://www.thedoctors.com/ecm/groups/public/@tdc/@web/documents/web_content/con_id_004676.pdf JESSE

          Frivolous medical malpractice suits, the practically unlimited healthcare offered under medicare and medicaid (with the side benefit of increased risk of losing your license when you accept the terms of medicare as a payment,) increases in technology –yeah innovations in medicine are expensive, extremely expensive, the labyrinth of insurance traps and pitfalls (nearly none of which were addressed in the 1000+ page bill,) an overall lack of competition i.e. from Nurse Practitioners, and Doctors of Osteopathy to drive prices down… and it goes on like this.

          I don't have an exact solution but the most promising method of alleviation that I've come across would be the advent of medical savings accounts, specific to hospitals, and transferable if out of town. Medicare cutbacks NEED to happen. The system lacked solvency 20 years ago and now its underwater like Captain Nemo. Limiting the well depth combined with reform for malpractice torts, including those of pharmaceutical companies would be extremely cost effective. Talk to an investment specialist and she would tell you that the business is unstable because patent breakdown, HIGH liability (why do you think the side effects blurbs during ads have become so descriptive and almost comical?), and the massive cost of manufacturing drugs leave the margins much slimmer than you might expect.

          Unfortunately forcing people to get health insurance is the camel's nose under the tent. This is the first step toward making the availability of healthcare from a primary care provider extremely difficult. This website I found shows a potentially catastrophic symptom for the average individual who actually pays for their healthcare. I feel sorry for you bud but without serious reform that designed to affect costs, things will only get worse for the honest patient.

          • http://www.thedoctors.com/ecm/groups/public/@tdc/@web/documents/web_content/con_id_004676.pdf JESSE
          • Owen Smithers

            Oh, it's all just a huge mess! I'm tired of government creating a problem saying they're trying to help, and then coming in later and trying to solve the problem…which, of course, creates MORE problems. I just want them OUT of my business! The free market, with all its problems, is still a far better tool at providing quality health care.

            • http://www.facebook.com/mark.loehrer Mark Loehrer

              That's nice, it must be glorious this free market for you…being that you have a MD, but for me? Someone with mounting student debt from graduate school, and with a pre-existing condition as a result of a car accident fourteen years ago (that's what United Healthcare says), without the government's intervention, soon as I hit 27 yrs, old, I have 3100$ in medication I have to pay MYSELF.

              Fuck you and your greed.

              • Owen Smithers

                Fuck you and your demand to force everyone around you to pay for your choices. It's one thing if people willing give to help others (and we do, and we do it generously and gladly), but it's quite another when you cheer the perversion of our very Constitution to force, under threat of fines/taxes/penalties/imprisonment to pay for the fucking 'privilege' of supporting you!
                Thank your lawmakers for creating the problems you rush to them to have fix. The cost of your treatment, the cost of your collage, the cost of your medications, and the costs of your insurance wouldn't be so high if gov't would get the hell out of the way and let the market compete and thrive. Capitalism may be the worst economic system out there, but it's better than all the rest.
                Stop fucking begging and whining and crying and get to work! Take a job that doesn't pay CEO wages and show some initiative and work your way up. Just cuz you exist doesn't mean everyone else in the world owes you any fucking thing. Enjoy the fact that you are (at least for the time-being) a free person! If you want someone else to pay your way in this life, go somewhere else! Don't fuck up what makes this country so great!

                • its_forge

                  Fuck **YOU** and **YOUR** demand to not carry health insurance for yourself or your family so that when something inevitably happens to you and you can't pay for it, we all have to pay for YOU. Everyone having health insurance saves everyone money, period.

                  • Owen Smithers

                    I do carry insurance for myself and my family and also I have to pay for you now. I pay for insurance to cover myself and my family in the event of something catastrophic happening to us. Everyone taking a little more responsibility for themselves and their family, and knowing what things cost, and shopping around, and not just begging and then demanding hand outs saves everyone money AND result in better care, and more advances in the science. Forcing people to do anything against their will is a recipe for disaster. Let the damn market work! Don't take peoples' liberty just so you can get something for nothing.

                • http://tube8.com if_I_had_vagina

                  If you were a chick .. I would seriously fuck you silly.

                  or at least your mouth!

                  Thank You for your kind words!

              • http://twitter.com/FLRescue @FLRescue

                Don't worry, I have to pay it for you. Fuck you and your stupidity. Liberal

    • xxwhodatxx

      No one wants to find this dumb bitch

      • Hry

        Only in Murrrrika would so many obese diabetics with heart disease who will end up paying through the nose for later-life care rail against the idea of them all having healthcare.

        • Gutts

          True that.

  • MattyDeuce

    #2 stop shopping butts!

    • AssHaterson
      • MattyDeuce

        See, what's wrong with the real version?! People and their technology annoy me when it's used for evil ass enhancing.

        • The Truth

          but it's not enhancing…. shopping these asses makes them disgustingly big

      • Chest Rockwell

        stop shopping asses to make them look small and unattractive!

    • teddd
    • thedude325

      For that matter, stop shopping everything and passing it off as real. It's fucking stupid.

    • PapaS

      For fucks sake, just stop doing this. Chive,please give it up already!!!

      • goatpunch

        more than likely t's not chive. Someone shopped it then sent it in as an "out of this world ass!" Sad but you know the original photo wouldn't have made this post because it's just "normal." I agree that the original is better, though

  • Muadieb

    #1 and #30

    • Tillman61

      I picked the same ones. Those two make me wish… well, many things.

      • Muadieb

        I couldn't agree with your more. and the guy below that says he'll find her and motorboat her…

  • misschris

    #30 I will look for you. I WILL find you. And I will motorboat you.

    • Schnizz56

      Is It weird that I read that in Liam Neesons voice?

      • MattyDeuce

        I did the same thing! FX has been running "Taken" like it's their job lately…and I oblige by watching every time.

    • Schnizz56

      Oh, and by the way, when you do find this girl with the cute nose freckles, and motorboat the bejeezus out of those, don't forget to take some pics.. K thanks

      • Tillman61

        Slow motion video would be awesome as well.

    • SATXHunter

      For the love of all chivers everywhere, go to Austin, TX Twin Peaks and bring this girl in for a photo shoot.

    • patov40

      After making the mistake of reading the comments in the "health care" pic (yay politics), this comment was 100% WIN. Thanks Miss Chris! B)

  • Big_Okie

    #20 Must be found without question. Just freakin' gorgeous!

    • BDAWG

      I found her 🙂

  • Slo

    #22 is Hattie Watson, she has quite a few NSFW pics.

    • Schnizz56

      Good to know, thanks

  • http://hallucinatingmartyr.wordpress.com hallucinatingmartyr

    Reblogged this on hallucinatingmartyr.

    • Bruce

      …so no one has to see the blog you're trying to advertise because everything is already on the chive. Thanks, saved me some time.

  • brav0zulu

    #22 is Hattie Watson.
    #29 is Natalia Siwiec.
    I am kicking ass at this game.
    For the record, #32 won the day. Good eye, PBS watcher!

    • Jordan is a tool

      For 2 answers correct, you get +2 to your internets.

  • jap

    not ass good as tutherpost no laods where lost please moar tuppy humps posts :p

    • HereYaGo

      da fuq did I just read?

    • Ned_Ryerson

      the hell did you say??

    • Woody

      You dumb Jap, that gibberjabber made me laugh.

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