The Canadian KCCO’s are nearly here, we need your input! (3 Photos)

It's been a long time coming but the Canadian KCCO's are nearly here in men's and women's sizes. We need your opinion though. Do you like the green KCCO, the Red KCCO, or do you think we should print both?

Vote in the pole below and if you have any additional ideas, sound off in the comments!

  • AG chivette

    Can't wait to finally get one eh!!!

  • CanadianCoach

    I would definitely say the red one! Please do not put Eh! on the shirt. That is just a stereotype, and not all Canadians speak like that. It would be like putting Ya'll on an American one. I would also like to ask the chivers to please realise what this site is about, and stop all the hatred towards one another, this is not the place. KCCO from an Canadian AirForce Chiver in Alberta!

  • Keither

    RED!… and how aboot a matching red KCCO toque!

  • aj5

    how hard is it to place an order for 10,000 of the original kcco t's? come on now its not rocket science! you know the ones u have been out of for EVER!

  • Canadian Chiver

    I must admit, I am really upset to see the negative feedback regarding both Canada and the Canadian shirts. There are Chivers all around the world. I would be interested to see if you were doing a Europe shirt if it got the same response.
    The Canadian chivers are amazing and step up whenever asked, even when the cause is American.
    Now that I have had my say, I like the green ones. Stick with the classic KCCO shirt colour!

  • Will Barnard

    Love the red one, and as a serving member, would love to have a green/desert shirt with the Canadian Flag. Thanks for listening to us, Chive On!

  • Eric Nicholas

    Defiantly Red and that is all. The KCCO EH is a nice touch as well.

  • 7_CFSD

    Will there be Military (Canadian Forces) KCCO shirts?

  • Jer

    There is no green on the Canadian flag so RED all the way!

  • MDB

    Keep the crown and put the leaf on the sleeve!

  • Felix

    Only the red KCCO, and keep it exclusively for the canadian shirt

  • Steven

    It should read like "Keep Calm and Chive on EH" or else it wouldn't be Canadian EH!

  • EJay

    Aussie Blue and Gold Next?

  • BOOM!

    We need a JFC shirt – JIM FUCKING CARREY!!!

  • Rebecca Anaka

    Love the shirts! and all you haters can kiss my canadian ass 🙂

  • Greg

    those are fuckin sick

  • mzf

    black with white text and a red maple leaf would be sweet!

  • Chris

    I think there should be a a Beaver on the sleeve. The beaver is one of our national symbol's and Damn!!!!!!!!! have you seen some of the Canadian Chivette's?

    P.S. If you use my idea I get a FREE, RED, LARGE

  • Dave

    the red over the green please. looks awesome eh
    Calgary Chiver

  • Jon

    Hurry up and make em! I want!!

  • Ashley Campbell

    I think you should make both. Red for the chivers who want a canadian color and green for the people who want the chive color

  • Big Steve

    Although it's the unpopular vote, keep it green. The red shirt with the maple leaf looks too much like the logo for Molson Canadian beer, which also uses red and white as it's main colours with the maple leaf as it's logo. Why distinguish between Chivers when we are all part of the same family?

  • Me

    RED Please!!!!!

  • Michael Martin

    I like KCCO, Eh. Just hope they go one sale when I can actually get to my computer and order one.

  • Jimmy the Canadain

    My god! WHEN!? WHEN CAN I HAS!? As a loyal Canadian Chiver, I can only say how much I appreciate my fellow Chiver's love of the great white north!

    Keep Calm and Chive On, Hosers!

    P.S. If you guys ever decide to hit up Vancouver for a meet up, I'll have a case of Canada's finest beers waiting for you!

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