The Canadian KCCO’s are nearly here, we need your input! (3 Photos)

It's been a long time coming but the Canadian KCCO's are nearly here in men's and women's sizes. We need your opinion though. Do you like the green KCCO, the Red KCCO, or do you think we should print both?

Vote in the pole below and if you have any additional ideas, sound off in the comments!

  • Leigh

    Yep, both, But maybe with with a beaver, instead of the leaf!

  • Trista Hindes

    Hopefully they make girl shirts as well… ive been waiting for the shirts to come out forever!!!!!!

  • Bryce

    I wish it came out before canada day, I would of wore it all Countryfest, Definetly the Red one, but you have to add -Eh to the end haha

  • Jw22

    White with red writing would be sweet too! So excited for them!

  • Mark Romeo H.


  • Brett

    should absolutely be -kcco, eh.-

  • @MacaulayS

    I will likely buy both if they are available. Can't wait to wear one!

  • CaNaDaaa

    I need 1!!!!!!!

  • Frank Li

    Definitely JUST red.

  • Mushulak

    CADPAT. Support the troops!

  • BlakAdder

    I like the red. I also like the idea of having the maple leaf on the sleeve and adding the "eh". My suggestion would be to put the "eh" on the back of the shirt between the shoulder blades. Can wait to get one.

  • NeB

    RED!! I want one NOW!! when will they be on sale!! its a must have for all of us Canadians living in the states.

  • NewfieChiver

    What about one that has the Canadian flag on the sleeve like the American Military KCCO shirt. Keep the originality of the initial KCCO design

  • Chris

    we love the chive North of the border and appreciate the chance of our own shirt. I am a Canuck soldier and was wounded twice in the war on terror after 911 , can we perhaps get an allied military shirt? Kcco

  • L8R

    When will these be available?

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