The futuristic 1968 Marcos Mantis XP (17 HQ Photos)

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    • Nope

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      • Penis Wrinkle

        etcrr wouldn't know what that means…or he'd be volunteering to do it.

  • @theterryburke

    piss off!

  • absolutcarcrazy

    Looks stupid. The guy in #3 looks like a real winner though!

  • Stevie Wonder

    please do us all a favor and go eff yourself. Gracias Julia!

  • Jordan

    I'm sorry but it seems that we've run out of fucks to give for people that like to support total douches.

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    • irisheyes

      Actually, your wrong.. your tax money is being spent on nothing but interest the federal reserve had created.. So yeah that money isn't going anywhere you think it might begoing 😉

      • Bruce

        You spelled "I care too much about anonymous internet comments" wrong. And the first "your" is supposed to be "you're".

  • Steven .k

    <img src=>HaHa, SO sweet, all eyes back off<img src=>

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  • ODB


    • Michelle Obama


      • Rachel Madcow

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    • Chris Matthews

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    • Barney Frank

      Sounds like a helluva bachelor party.

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  • Jack Henoff

    Looks like some bullshit from the 80's…

  • Eric

    Really. Rich man Romney? Amazing.

  • antitango

    Go Speed Racer, Go!

  • Chim Richels

    Giugiaro and Gandini wept! Seriously, the 'wedge car' vibe of Italian desingers like Gandini, Giugiaro, Bertone, etc was great – think Lotus Esprit, Lambo Countach, etc,, but this is an abortion. So much design fail, it hurts the eyes.

    However, the Marcos GTs in #3 ARE beautiful.

    • PHappy

      A post with nothing but late 60s gt cars would be mighty fine

    • xmeiro

      You do realize you are complaining about a 1968 british racing car not being as nice to look at as cars from 1974 and 1976, don't you?

      For a car from the early history of race aerodynamics it looks amazing and absolutely unique.

  • Darrell

    Looks like a jazzed up Mach 5. Go speed racer, go speed racer, Go Speed Racer GO! LMAO

    • Livin' Legend

      My mind actually read that in one long uninterrupted syllable and translated the LMAO as "HAHA!". It was very Speed Racer-ish

  • Apollob

    Looks like something from Death Race 2000.

  • krypto092108

    'Smatter with it? That car looks like a million BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The 1968 Marcos Mantis

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  • bman12688

    Rick, GOOD FIND MATE! well done!


    I wonder if the sharp angles are for stealth (from the robots that will take over in 1988)

  • Timmer

    Can afford that car but can't afford a real wheel block #7

  • Brian

    Looks like the car Homer Simpson designed that put his half brother out of business.

  • Beefy Jones

    is this the car Alex drove in A Clockwork Orange?

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