Amazing three dimensional street art by Leon Keer (32 Photos)


  • Unfkngblvbl

    Kinda getting tired of these, but #29 is pretty cool.

    • Yup

      best one for sure.

    • Fig

      gEtting tired of these? get off the fucking internet loser if god forbid you seen these pics of art too many times.

    • Dexter!

      Getting tired of seeing raw talant? Then don't click on the damn post….duh.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Ignore these trolling knob-slobbers, I agree. The artwork is really cool and the attention to detail to make the perspective work is extremely impressive. The thing I get tired of is seeing people pretending to interact with the artwork.

  • bammm

    #4 id like to be on the other side eating them

    • charlie

      I bet it would still taste like chalk

  • BenB

    #30 Nailed it

  • Notknowing

    #12 Mind Blown…mission accomplished.

  • Ned_Ryerson

    this stuff always impresses the hell outta me. i always want to see it from other angles too though like #1 and #27

  • Pants Pudding

    What do you like better, this or the whiteboard teacher?

    • Timmer

      This, although they are both extremely talented!

  • Irish

    jesus christ! enough of this 3D art shit! We come on here for women and funny posts, not some hipster and his chalk art!!!

    • Got a mind?

      Some people that visit the Chive are actually well rounded individuals that don't need tits, ass, or juvenile humor in every post to keep them entertained.

    • Fig

      sheep fucking douchebag. get a life

    • Whaaat?!

      Some people are mature you might not know what it is. So do some research on it.

    • Jesus

      And this is why so many people think of Chivers as losers living vicariously behind a computer screen, fapping compulsively. I happen to like this "3D art shit".

  • TheTexan

    why do people complain about the 3d post……nobody is twisting your arm to look at the thread. Settle down Chivers.

  • TJ_Designs

    #29 One of the best ones… My opinion

  • hallucinatingmartyr

    Reblogged this on hallucinatingmartyr.

    • cleveland rocks


  • Pics4you

    All are fantastic i really appreciate all the artists.

  • Nibsy


  • Tim

    Mind Blown

  • Adam

    I feel like I've been having people show me this guys art since the interwebs were invented. I'm over it, step up your game Chive!

  • Retired Navy

    This is cool. Way better than the graffiti I see with the B/S gangbanger crap.

  • Global

    It's funny how people complain about what the chive posts. If your not interested then just don't click on the link to the photos… Simple as that my stupid friends. Also I'd like to take a second to chew out that "chive is racist" person. This site has a target audience. (like most sites) and the target audience is the chive people posting the pictures. So obviously the pictures being sent into the chive reflect what the chive posts. It's not racist at all. If you don't like The Chive because it doesn't post what you like and you feel it's because of race then why visit? Why waste of what seems to be a hell of a lot of your time on the chive, creating email addresses just for your cause. I think you are probably unemployed and have nothin better to do than hate on things people enjoy. I know if I don't like something for what ever reason I simply don't return to that thing. You on the other hand are a complete waste of time with a complete waste of time cause that NOBODY here cares about. You annoy me. For the simple reason that you don't make any sence what so ever but continue your petty uneducated, unrealistic views on things. Rant over. Please go away.

  • Alistir

    I need this guy to do the floors through my entire house!

  • Jokezone

    Wow!!! Amazing art!! really very nice.. creation !!

  • Gordana-Doda Stetin

    I need this 3D artist to do my appartment,fantastic art!

  • Heru

    Funny pics! I like the fact the child feeding his/her Dad beer is weiarng a cross around her neck nice touch!! Thanks for the giggles (and for stopping by my blog today

  • tour


    Amazing three dimensional street art by Leon Keer : theCHIVE

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