Animal bridges: Finally the chicken can safely cross the road (11 Photos)

  • Picard_

    #11 These structures are fantastic additions to highway systems that essentially segregate wildlife habitats. Good on both governments and developers alike for including them.

    • JayK

      Now we just have to teach those bastards to read!

    • Bill

      I hit squirrels for fun sometimes

      • animal lover

        i hope u die soon piece of shit

    • Jay

      Just wait until predatory animals discover these natural funnels. A few animal generations later, these things will be obsolete as any deer with a desire to live will avoid these like the plague.

      • TreeHugR

        Already have in Montana. Installed cameras have shown bears, wolves and coyotes waiting at one end for the tasty morsels to pop out. Tremendous waste of money now.

    • furburger

      We should toll the animals to pay for the bridge. I have to pay tolls to cross bridges here.

    • Si1entStatic

      until said government figures they can either put a toll on cars passing under the bridge and claim tax breaks for every animal that traverses the bridge.

    • myself

      Those really are excellent solutions, keep it near as possible to normal habitat. My county built a tunnel for Long-toed Salamanders that ran under a road. They did use it. They thought maybe they needed light, so no shit, they installed lights. About 10% of the little guys used the tunnels and the rest used the road or a drainage tunnel to get through.

    • Err

      Too bad they don't work. And servilely impact the wildlife migration.

    • Visitohr

      So… are these new there or something? I'm in holland and these things have been around for as long as I can remember (wich is aprox 30 years)

  • Triscuit

    Now we just need one for people.

  • Bamer36

    What no more road kill to eat.

  • iXOredheds

    #8 seems like this could have been done better.

    • johnny

      what are those?

      • nemesis


        [insert puerile joke here]

      • Big_Okie

        They are red crabs. I don't know where this was taken but I used to live in Jamaica and in the spring these things just come out of the woodwork and are everywhere. Of course down there, they just get run over.

      • Andrew

        I would say crabs.

      • Glenn

        Red crabs migrating on Christmas Island. 100 million a year.

        • Rabidcake

          I think it's actually closer to 35 million now thanks to the Yellow crazy ant's introduction, they made the bridges so they wouldn't get run over by the mining trucks when they migrate to the coast to breed.

    • Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

      I think that one is a temporary one, not permanent so they're not as worried about appearance.

    • Duke

      i assume they just don't want other animals to cross the street ?!

  • Scott

    but the animals have to find that one miniscule bridge to cross over. the likelhood that they cross over a bridge instead of the highway is small.

    • bristle palin


      • Dustin

        In Alberta/BC there are fences along the highway that filter them towards the bridges and keep them off the highway so they don't get hit.

        • RangerDan

          And to boot, I believe a fair amount of research goes into game travel patterns before they figure out where they're going to place these bridges. And they are quite effective.

    • Jon

      there is a fence along the highway, which essentially acts to funnel the wildlife across the bridge. The majority of these are in AB Canada, although there is still a huge number of vehicle strikes along the highway in these areas.

      • Jake

        Vehicle strikes can be prevented by not allowing vehicles to unionize.

        • Vince

          He has a point.

          • inquisitor80

            down with unions for vehicles!

    • Chris

      It looks like a few crabs found this one

  • bammm

    wildlife corridors rock, good spot to see some city animals

  • Tucker

    All I see are Persians to a hunter/predator's Sparta. The most epic of crossings will happen on these bridges.

  • ArleeMan

    #1 I live just a few miles from that bridge. Finally some montana love!

  • bulletstopper

    #8 Need a boiling pot on the other side and lots of pulled butter…

    • Thomas

      What's pulled butter. Is that anything like drawn butter? Or melted butter? Learns something new every day on chive.

      • bulletstopper

        Pulled butter is melted butter that you pull the thicker parts out of it, so you are left with thin butter that stays liquid, it does not rejell when it gets cold. Served in top restaurants.

        • Rye

          Clarified butter is a proper term you take out the milk solids.

          • bulletstopper

            Probably, but the high end places here in Phoenix all call it pulled butter. Maybe it is a regional thing.

            • AmBush_Steve

              Ghee is yet another word for it. You can pick it up at any food store that sells ethnic food. Personally, just plain old butter with a shitload of garlic and some cajun spice is all I need.

    • Larry

      old Bay seasoning would be good also.

  • blocs

    Haha I saw one of these im canada remarkably they seemed to be used

  • firechickens

    Now let's see – if I'm a predator, where would be the best place to set up an ambush in this picture?

    • George

      haha it is true wolves often set up ambushes on these in AB

  • Anaphylaxis

    The first picture looks like Banff National Park, Canada.

    • C N Things

      It is actually on the Salish-Kootenai Reservation outside of Evaro, Montana. The sign is written in Salish, the native language.

    • YUUUP

      #2, #3, #4, and #5 are in Banff and Yoho National Parks

      • AdamBaldick

        Correct you are

  • Ryan

    Seems like these create pinch points in migration. Wouldn't predators figure this out and exploit it. Might create more of a danger to the wildlife than the highway.

    • yo yo-yo-yo yo-yo

      I agree, but there must be something to counteract that. Anybody shed some light on this?

    • 99mike

      Predators might figure it out and stalk these bridges, but it's really no different than predators staking out a pond where prey comes to drink.

  • CaptainInsano

    Also, safer highways for the cars.

  • QuantumMechanic

    In British Columbia and Alberta, elk and moose cross these bridges in huge numbers. But there is now a large problem…the wolves are smarter and just wait around these bridges…


      We don't have them in Saskatchewan. That's because they can see the cars on the road from 2kms away.

    • Big balls

      Very true I watched a pack I wolves take down a large moose on my way to banff

  • lazy deer

    im thinking if animals can't figure out when to cross the road, then there's just as much chance they'll figure out where to cross, or even why. I dont think they have those wires connected in their brains to walk along the highway until they find a place to cross.. tax dollars wisely invested

    • Jake

      There are fences that prevent them from crossing the road untill they get to a bridge.

      • wildlife ocifer

        there are no fences in most of the pics, and I think there are no wild animals that aren't capable of jumping over or digging under a fence. But hey lets give it a few years and look at some stats. maybe im wrong

        • freaksngeeks

          In AB/BC they've been monitering the wildlife traveling over the bridges and there's been significant usage in the years since they've gone up. They work

          • freaksngeeks

            monitoring* 😛

        • tapsnapornap

          in #2 #3 #4 and #5 the same fence on the edge of the bridge runs the entirety of the highway.

    • CaptainInsano

      not right away but over time they will pass the knowledge down to the next generations

  • Just Sayin'

    New to me. Just like English is to you. Chive on!

    • G_Had

      feel free to correct me 🙂

      • AnyoneForCoffee


      • Anonymous

        Was this new to anybody? No offense but I just can't imagine why this gets a post, we have had those bridges for decades here in Switzerland.

        • G_Had

          Oh wow I don't want to sound like a douchebag but I thought I made some major mistakes (apart from that *have had) but case sensitivity, really? Ok, I'll give my best from now on, thanks for the lesson! KCCO

          • Anonymous

            Not a lesson, just busting your chops. Chive on!

            • G_Had

              Thanks for making me look like an idiot, too! I meant to be nice and all… However, chops busted.

        • Gotcha!

          Was this new to anybody? No offense, but I just can't imagine why this gets a post. We have had those bridges for decades here in Switzerland.


  • MTRev

    First one is actually on Evaro pass, north of Missoula, MT. There are also 5 underpasses for wildlife in this area and collisions have been virtually eliminated

    • Thrax

      I'm from Kalispell about 2 hours north of there. Glad I wasn't wrong when I had a mini freak out thinking it was the Evaro one.

  • Tornado

    In the case of a car versus a moose, the moose will usually win …

    • HatBomb

      It think in case of a car versus a moose, everyone loses.

    • Simon

      Unless Woody Allen is driving a car, in which case the moose ends up at a fancy dress party. And wins.


    I went out with a girl like #8………once.

    • dragon2777


    • Adam

      I was going to say legs wide open and covered in crabs?

  • map

    With the extinction of predators, your vehicle has replaced them. Just make sure your predatory car is big enough to take on a bull moose at 80!

    • joshbrittenrules

      extinction of predators? you mean the wolf populations that are booming in most states?

  • Linz

    Does it work? I guess it's kinda impossible to tell if animals are actually using it. I wonder if they've tried to do a study to see if it's saving more wildlife.

    • Macro

      Because cameras, or people sitting there and watching, haven't been invented yet.

    • Dello

      They set up cameras at a few between Banff and Lake Louise like 5 years ago, unfortuneatly thieves stole them.

    • chiver

      impossible… really??

    • Owen Smithers

      Only possible if we raise taxes. We have to spend more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more……

      Any any cameras or other monitoring equipment installed must cost 4 times as much as it would if it was done privately, and then only after a 15 year environmental impact study, numerous Congressional hearings, and years of evaluations of bids submitted by only minority-owned, unionized contractors.

      So, pay more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and ….

    • Grifster

      Also a thing called "snow" . you can tell what and how many animals are crossing every day!

    • Bill

      Actually, yes they have cameras monitoring use. It took 3 years to get a picture of a Wolverine crossing in Banff. One of natures most viscous predators but also one of natures shyest. A huge success. And the big plus, vehicle strikes have almost been eliminated.

    • George

      They don't work very well and are impacting migratory routes the animals have been using for thousands of years

      • Danny

        Really, a bridge is impacting them? Not the fact that we built highways in the first place? Seems like a positive step to restoration, not a setback

  • Jeremy Ziegler

    These have been all over Germany and Switzerland for years, glad we can catch up

    • lols

      maybe you can get some for the jews next?

  • randomguest

    If only animals were smart enough to locate that one bridge on miles upon miles of highway, maybe it'd be a logical thing… and the predator thing that was mentioned previously… Good intentions, but illogical.

  • JGT

    there aren't enough of these

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