Animal bridges: Finally the chicken can safely cross the road (11 Photos)

  • Heather

    so the animals cross over this one bridge why wont predators just wait at them to kill….

  • Christian

    #1 gotta love western Montana

  • aj5

    i am thinkin, great place to hunt!!


    looks like #2 #4 and #5 are from around Banff & Calgary. I know because I had to wait in the construction lines while they were being built.

  • Matricky

    I think these are a great idea but how do we get the animals to cross these?

  • Stef

    I'm surprised you didn't out the elk bridge in Banff in this album.

  • SexyPoulet

    is a link to report regarding the success of these structures

  • SARmedic

    In the military, those are called choke points. Good luck Bambi!

  • dragon2777

    They are cool and all but do the animals really use them rather than just crossing wherever??

  • amanda

    the thing about these, at least the ones in banff park, is that all along the highway is fenced, so the animals cant just run out in front of your car. if they want to cross, they need to find the bridge, which is usually at popular migration points i believe.

  • billie bob

    More than the animal gets safety.

    The traffic, drivers & passengers all get to live too.

  • Prof. Large McHuge

    i fucked a girl on one of these one time. it was aight

  • Paul

    From Banff National Park

  • Parallendicular

    #8 Why is the crab overpass so ridiculously steep?

  • Rob

    Animals aren't gonna know to use a fucking crosswalk. SMH. But in case They do I'll be posted up with my rifle in the perfect shooting range they made just waiting for dinner to arrive

  • Nomad_rabbit

    quite interesting and complete stoke these are being made, but what about those horrible Deer that should be eaten as delicious treats? they aren't as ignorant as ants, and 9 times as suicidal.

  • Steve Barker

    Some pretty cool info about this here:

  • Bouts

    For those wondering why an animal would cross the bridge and not just the street anywhere else and thinking it's a horrible idea for that reason. Think just a little bit longer… They fence for km's on both sides in both directions from the bridge restricting crossings. Essentially funneling the animals to the bridge. Very costly, but a great environmental idea and over time reduces the cost to tax payers of the many accidents that occur. National Park fees (in Banff/Jasper anyway) is a great way to cover the cost.

  • Eric Jochim

    #1 My in-laws worked on this bridge. One of the first of its kind in the lower 48. On the Flathead Indian Reservation just north of Missoula MT.

  • taylork

    #1 is from the highway near my hometown. Its a good enough idea, but…THERES A FENCE BLOCKING IT! Not just from the highway, but from all sides. a 5 foot fence separates animals from the other side of the road, AND blocks access to the bridge. Brilliant engineering. Now at least theres a grassy cover to a 70 yard stretch of the highway.

  • C-Mo


  • WeboJobo

    When I first read about these types of animal crossings I was very pleased. Many people do not understand how they work. There are fences and barriers put in place to 'guide' the animals to the crossings. Some highways have also begun building tunnels under the highway for animal traffic. They have proven to drastically reduce the animals stuck by vehicles.

    Predators will learn to take advantage of the 'choke' points, but this is not entirely a bad thing. Highways tend to cause problems with natural migration and hunting patterns because of the dangers they pose. These choke points provide an opportunity for animals to build larger and healthier groups. Strong animals and excess numbers will be culled by predators, and more predators will be fed, thus keeping them out of your back yard. With some of the larger animals the threat of serious injury or death is very real; a moose through the windshield, a bear breaking into the kitchen, I have even heard of canines biting small children. These bridges may look like a waste of time to someone who does not fully understand them, but I feel that every penny we put into bridges and tunnels for people and animals, the safer and happier everyone will be, animals and people alike.

    I have always felt that we should do this inside cities as well. We have had a long time to develop transportation, I think it is high time we starting thinking about how we build our roads and walkways to accommodate them. Before man developed fast moving vehicles, no one had to worry about being obliterated by one.

  • Blue bronco

    Stupid ass deer wouldn't use them anyway

  • WTF Mate

    Problem with this is that unless there are trees and places for the animals to take cover as they cross the bridges, they would never use them and expose themselves to the open.

    CHIVE! Im waiting for a picture of roadkill next to one of these bridges!!! Someone please be on the lookout!!!

  • Annonymouse75

    For those who have never seen one and wonder at how the animals know how to use them, there are fences build along the sides of the highways to direct the animals towards the bridge. Since they are kilometers long in some places, there isn't a lot of choice for them, they use it or stay on the side they are on to begin with. There is no need to raises taxes in Canada to build the bridges. Anyone who stays in the park pays a per day fee. This fee is used in conjunction with the funding that the federal government already provides to the park as these are national parks. The predators are slowly figuring out that the herds may move over the bridge, however, since parks like Jasper (10,878 km² (4200 mi²)), Banff (6,641 km2 (2,564 sq mi)), and Yoho (1,313 km² (507 mi²)) are so large and border one another, there are a lot of other places for the prey animals to cross.

    Besides, for those of us who actually drive those roads, the bridges are a blessing. If you have never hit a moose or deer doing 90 kilometers per hour, you're lucky. It a nasty bit of business and these help keep a large portion of the animals off the roads.

    • WTF Mate

      shut up hippy

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