Join us at the Rattle Inn in Austin tomorrow for the 4th of July!

rattle lead Join us at the Rattle Inn in Austin tomorrow for the 4th of July!

Patty, Zach, and I will be in Austin TX for the 4th of July. Yesterday, I asked the Austinites what the hell we should do and we appreciate the overwhelming response.

I received more than a few emails from the Rattle Inn, right off 6th street. The owner/manager/all employees are huge Chivers. They’ve reserved their rooftop, and the rest of the place I guess, for the Chivers tomorrow. The Rattle Inn rooftop is one of the best places to view the Austin firework display.

Because this is last minute all you need to do is show up. There’s no cover.

We’ll arrive around 7pm tomorrow and immediately begin getting wasted with our fellow Chivers. You might want to arrive a little before then in case we accidentally Chive effect the place.

So if you haven’t made plans, or your current plans suck, come join us tomorrow and raise a glass to ‘MERICA!


Rattle Inn
610 Nueces Street  

  • James Gate

    I wonder if the chive knows how many chivers there are in Austin?

    • Martin_McFly

      I guess it's probably best they only gave two days notice when they mentioned it yesterday… at least it keeps the crowds SOMEWHAT subdued.. Still sucks, though, for those of us who are in Dallas and would have otherwise come…

      • Honest

        Looks like Chive needs to plan a trip to Dallas! Its a big state, we need multiple stops…

      • Quailman

        Agreed. I'm from Austin but live up in DFW now, and I'm so bummed I'll be missing it!

    • Yeah_but

      They're about to find out.

    • Kitra

      See y'all there! Fuck I am excited. Has anyone got through to the venue to reserve a spot?

      • Meow

        Not one single fuck shall be given tomorrow

      • Austinite

        Reserve a spot? Are you retarded? lol

        • Kitra

          Actually, when they first posted this they mentioned that they were not doing any RSVP but that you could call Rattle Inn and guarantee a spot. That has obviously changed since this page has been updated about three times now. Sorry that you saw it so late. Oh, and saying retarded isn't nice.

    • Davis15

      Shits about to be nuts!

    • Chuck Norris

      not surprised due to how many hicks live there.

  • toby


    • toby


  • lars

    "Um, uncle Ted, about your annual bbq, yeeeaaah…I'm not gonna be able to make it…."


    and with that, 6th street shifted on its axis and balance was never restored

  • Logan Autrey

    ahhh shhiiittt

  • Thomas train

    met John, Leo, Bob and crew in NYC, very very nice people

  • Honest

    Crap, why am I just hearing about this!!!

  • Tmux

    Happy Canada day!

    • Canadian Chivette

      Oh come on, we had our day. Don't be rude.

      • Kyle

        Chivette Sexy? Canadian Chiver

  • portly

    If they'd mentioned this thing any earlier, they'd just flash mob downtown

  • NJ all gay

    just the roof, huh?

    • calitexfilmgirl

      Yeah… i don't think it will take too long for the remainder of the bar to be taken over.

      Really sucks, i'm stuck here in Cali and can't get home for this. Everyone going have a shot for me…

      • Keem Calm Kellie!

        Poor Kellie!

  • Seth Sulser


  • Cody Courtney

    im about 4 and a half hours away and i just might drive up if i can get off work for thursday

    • usmc_chiver

      I live 4 hours away, I'm driving down anyways. Even with work on Thursday.

      "Rule number 76 no excuses play like a champion!"

    • Jesse

      Same here bro. I live and work for the govt on the mx border. I'd give my 3rd nut to go. Been there a million times and it has to be this week that the crew comes to TX.

  • J Ramirez

    You guys need to come to Little Rock, Arkansas. Nobody ever comes here.. maybe there's a reason…

    • Stillahogfan

      I am from Little Rock, but have lived in Austin now for 5 years. Do yourself a favor and get out while you can!

  • P Hawkins

    Will be there with FREAKING BELLS ON.

  • @beagleracing

    Rock on in the ATX. Hook 'em. m/

  • D.O.

    Why not a Baton Rouge or New Orleans meetup? Nobody does it better!

    • crazyk85

      Your mom does it better

    • Hey, you.

      Stop bitching.

  • jimmy

    i think another East Coast visit is in order…philadelphia maybe 🙂

  • abbedm

    Come to Chicago!

  • Ashley

    No Mac?

  • Canadian Chivette

    Come to Canada! Obviously after you have a wicked 4th of July, and after we get our Canadian KCCO's. Let us Alberta Chivettes thank you personally for the shirts 😉 we know how to party up here!

    And of course to all the Americans, Happy 4th of July, everyone!

    • Notknowing

      Yup, Calgary is the place to party in Ab….So my wife tells me. I live in BC.

      • Canadian Chivette

        For a city, absolutely! However, small towns are where it's at!

    • Trevor Muxlow

      Nothing but class from my fellow Canadians

      • Meatball

        If anyone is going to read this, it would be nice if they did it somewhere between Edmonton and Calgary in a small town. would be the perfect setting to burn bras and mind some gaps!

  • @MirandaKGaines

    Pick me up please…..thanks 😉

    • Vic

      Ohh miranda…you need to make it out here to austin!

  • @TheOnlyGonzalo

    Chive screw Austin and Dallas. Houston is where you need to come

    • ATX

      You must be high.

    • You

      You must have never been there. Or only there.

    • dontevergotohouston

      So everyone can get raped and stabbed?

    • Austin

      Houston is the biggest shit hole in the state. I would rather risk getting beheaded in Brownsville or any border town for that matter before I spent more than the 45 mins that it takes to drive through that crap shoot, traffic pending of course.

      • Brandon Neyman

        Whoa, the only city in Texas worth hating on is Dallas. Austin is epic. and so is Houston.

        • Chris D.

          I'm am Austinite but H-town has plenty of fun to offer, regardless its all the same shit different place. Really the only place that sucks in Texas is El Paso and even I've had a good time there.

        • erica

          leave Fort Worth out of it.. we hate Dallas too 😛

    • Jesse

      Screw you, bro. I got love for ATX and DFW. Houston really is a shithole. Full of scumbags and the type of people who continue breeding for the sole purpose of stealing my oxygen.

      • 817

        You guys are all idiots. Texans shouldn't hate on other Texans, only on their opposing sports franchises. Go Rangers, Cowboys, and Mavs!

  • Mikey

    When are you guys coming to Chicago!?

  • Lili

    See you tomorrow!

  • Doc Brown

    Really sucks this was so last minute, cuz i was planning on making the trip from Houston once i got word ahead of time………MAAAAYBE if they stay through the weekend we can definitely make some stuff happen. Either way KCCO!!!!

    • Hey

      Its two hours. Calm down.

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