My green eyed girl (37 photos)

  • Terwilliger

    Ok I've had a green eyed fetish for a long time and I realize she is young but where is Renee Olstead. She is a beautiful green eyed red head.

  • Keith_D

    #24- Moar?

  • jerky

    MOAR #1 #14

  • hank1231

    #13 green eye shadow doesn't make the eyes green…

  • oneNonlyjuarez

    #2 love her eyes 🙂

  • zgl

    #24 – chive, you posted this girl as the (ironically) 24th pic in a gallery (ironically titled 'brown-eyed girls) on 4/19/2012.…. how do i know? i fell in love. shes. too. adorable. she got soooo many 'find/moar', why have you not got on this? who is she? she is far too precious for you to hold the secret of who and where she is – share the wealth!

  • ava

    I love my green eyes… ; )

    not as cliche as blue…

  • Anna Jenée Williams

    Should probably consider learning your colors… and have all of the eyes be an actual green and not mixed… not that they didn't have pretty eyes or anything.

  • Josiah Rayburn

    #18 Emma Stone you're gorgeous. Will you marry me?!

  • Lissa

    Thank you Chive and Chivers for the pick me up 🙂 #3 is pleased to be a part of the site.

    • Lissa

      lol sorry I was on the wrong page. 😛

  • Gypsy

    #24 I am in LOVE!!

  • omgggg

    #14 #18 #23 #24 #28 #30 #35 #36
    Fucking amazing. Green eyes ftw

  • red

    #11 red hair green eyes best combo ever

  • brian

    # 23 very beautiful! You sould be a model!

  • guitarz333

    #11 MOAR!!!!!!! holy shit she is perfect

  • osco7

    my green eyed girl

  • Vince Gaspara

    Green eyes steal my heart! =D

  • lickity split


  • WhatIsWrongWithMe

    #22 I think this is actually one of my smaller sister's friends, and If I'm not wrong this picture is a few years old, making her around 15 in the picture.. I should really stop looking at my sister's facebook 🙂

  • Anastasia

    #14! I love the black hair/green eyes combo!

  • b'derp

    people need to stop pretending that emma stone and olivia wilde are hot. even on their best days they're both a 5, at best.

  • Mark


  • Sierra Perea

    Are #2 and #20 the same girl with different hair color. o.O? I can't tell..

    • Sierra Perea

      Nevermind.I'm an idiot.

  • cheeseSammich

    Pedobear approved! #31

  • AmericoPolk

    every single green eyed woman bless you but especially you #31

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