• Epitomizer

    Glad I live in this fucked up country instead of that really fucked up country!

    • Dukes


    • dragon2777

      same here

    • Dimah

      Wait till you have more dash cams installed in America. Then we let the international youtube jury decide.

    • Aorata

      My country is more fucked up. So I´m sad.
      Last time I cut off someone that was trying to cut in front of me, he pulled out a gun… thank god he didn´t fire.

      • BAC

        Taxi drivers are the same dumb arses the world over!!!!

    • Ferlaiker

      Funny joke m8.

  • BigPup

    From Russia… With love.

  • foreverdrunk

    Brick, where did you get that grenade?

    • Brick

      I found it

    • thedude325

      Boy, that really escalated fast.

      • tv_paul

        Yeah, there were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident.

        • KayMan

          Brick, I've been meaning to talk to you about that.

        • ChiveOn

          You should probably lay low for a while.

        • Tyler

          Because you're probably wanted for murder…

      • RDS

        Looks like we got ourselves a bilingual blood-fest

    • Real Brick T

      I don't know…

  • boobman

    What country isn't fucked up right now.

    • there is one place

      Canada – "We aren't!"

      World – "Shut up Canada"

      • weaksauce

        Aren't there near constant riots in canada right now? Yes. So you're wrong.

        • Tim

          No, there are some kids who were protesting their tuition going up even though they have some of the lowest tuition rates in the country. There were no riots, just some protests with the usual few knuckleheads in there.

          • George

            You mean they HAVE the lowest tuition rates in Canada.

        • Sean David Rotter

          "near constant riots" … LOL


    • phil

      Australia is the place to be! have fun with your shit hole merica EADC

      • Fletch

        Australia-the land where everything wants to kill you including the weather

      • southernmost

        Australia…Australia…oh yeah, isn't that the shit hole where we sent all of our criminals? Yeah..that;s it!

        • Indeed

          And now all kinds of people from the UK are trying to get here…

  • BeerAndStupidity

    Gotta be prepared man…

  • Verbal_Kint

    Lemme axe you a question…

    • Chivin' Dutchman

      I see what you did there.

    • Rich

      You batter believe it!

      • blueberry

        I mallet you finish your puns, but Russia has some of the best road rage of all time.

        True story.

        • Epitomizer

          You deserve more thumbs

          • blueberry

            I sword of agree.

            Ok. I'm done now.

  • Wyatt


    • Bolide

      But number one douchebag

  • Mother Russia

    Well, that could have ended worse I guess.

    • dragon2777

      out of curiosity why didn't he just keep driving. I would've just tried to avoid the whole thing and kept driving. But he did put them in their place.

      • Katoun

        It could have ended in an accident if he tried to out run them.he could have escaped but the risk of an accident was there.

        • dragon2777

          I guess you are right and plus he had an axe and dashboard cam so I guess he figured he had them beat

  • Justin Cider

    Bring a bat to an axe fight dumbass.

    • Tae

      nobody like or dislike this anymore

  • tv_paul

    Bad Boyskis, Bad Boyskis Vat ya gonna do, vat ya gonna do when KGB eliminates you

    • twd22285

      ^well done sir!

    • Sade


    • Vols fan

      ***golf clap***

  • Matt

    Dude in the shorts could just give. a. shit. that two dudes are about to kill each other. Way to KC&CO!

    • Truth

      The phrase is "could not give a shit". Fucksake Americans, butchering the English language. To say you could care less suggests that you could, in fact, care much less about a situation. Couldn't give a shit suggests that one doesn't care. Learn things America and you will be a better country.

      • Today is...

        Yes, because East Londoners with Cockney accents or people from Yorkshire speak perfect English. Friend, I love the English language, but put your hate-boner away; nobody wants to see that.

        • Josh Lyons

          This guy. He deserves more thumbs up.

  • CLTChiver

    Don't speak Russian but something like this? "I've got this on camera and I have an ax! Say when!"

    • OpMongoose

      I speak a bit and right before he get he his says Motherfucker! Then why the fuck did you go right on that turn.

  • SpacemanSpiff

    In soviet russia rage roads you

    • Chivin' Dutchman

      You're doing it wrong.

  • jasonsapunka

    Hey, at least they settled it.

  • MericanDouche

    Why you Russian, bra?

    • Jon


  • Giovanni Isaza

    a bat? oh thats right yea i got an axe.

  • Billy

    That is why everyone in Russia has a dash cam. Dude with axe gets out of car, first thing he does? Point to the camera and tells those other douche bags that he is filming the whole thing. Situation is defused. No dash cam? Three on one head smash in. His axe may have helped a bit, but the dash cam saves his life. We don't have those life or death issues on this side of the world, so dash cams are just for dickheads and hipsters.

    • Groggy

      Dash cams are useful over here, too. Saw a clip from somebody's dash cam where he was on the freeway in a little bit of traffic. The Indian guy in front of him popped his car in reverse and bumped into him, then got out and demanded $500…said he'd call the cops otherwise.

      Dude pointed at his dash cam and told him to go ahead and call the cops. Dickhead leaves without his $500.

      I was not involved in the incident in any way, just watching the clip, and I STILL wanted to fucking deck that guy for trying to pull such bullshit.

    • Jeremy

      Couldn't they just take his dash cam after they beat his head in?

      • Aragogi

        most of those cameras (at least the one my friends use in Russia) stream video online to a cloud service, so even if they trash the camera the video will be safe! As Billy says above it's the matter of life and death

    • Pete

      Quite a few cyclists are starting to use them – there have been a number of cases where drivers have intentionally run people off the road (causing significant injuries) just because they wanted to be an asshole – and then denied it, or claimed that they just didn't see them or some such bullshit.

      The camera helps to prove that's not the case.

      That's not to say cyclists are always innocent mind you, just making a point that for those who are victimised on the roads, cameras can be useful.

    • Edward Meshuris

      Three guys and a bat twice as long as the axe, and a dash cam. Kick his ass and take his dash cam. Now what?

  • @Tim_VB

    They didn't settle anything, just agreed to both go after the truck together.

  • Bill

    why is the guy driving the cab or whatever pissef at the camera guy? best i can tell, hes the one who messed up

    • Aorata

      The cab driver was trying to cut in line. His lane was only to go straight, yet he turned left. The guy with the camera didn´t want to let the cab driver through… since he was cutting in line.
      In 3rd world countries you have to let them cut in, sometimes they get out of the car with a freking gun.

      • Aorata

        I just noticed I didn´t answer your question.
        In third world countries people are idiots, and if you dont do what these idiots want, they fuck you up.
        Much like bullies in school.

    • Pete

      Because he's an asshole. Assholes never accept when they've made a mistake and would much rather feel better by violently intimidating someone else until they get their way.

  • fattypratty

    Those four men should just agree to take their anger out on those Russian club goers from galleries past.

  • larry

    why do your videos always play a blank screen i got audio no video

    • Yo Yo Ma

      That's because you're looking at your microwave.

    • Brian

      Because you touch yourself at night

  • This is Me

    Fscking cabbies are the same no matter what country you are in.

    • Hanx

      The cabbie is not the issue here, dude.

  • Anthony_Tyler

    Hey. Are school buses yellow over there?

    • eXeq

      What school buses?

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    Dafuq did I just watch?

  • jerald

    u blatendly sent down a 400hz sine wave ? i know cuss i heard it and so did they the fbi

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