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  • AJD

    Does that fucker have an axe? He pulls the bitch move and doesn't let the guy in and then he ringsb the axe out. Definitely not keeping calm over in Russia.

  • AJD

    Does that fucker have an axe?? He pulls the bitch move and doesn't let the guy in and then he is the one that brings an axe out. Definitely not keeping calm over in Russia.

  • Lou

    I hate to say it guys but I have seen much worse in Washington DC. I was in the left hand curb lane on a one way street that was wall to wall traffic, stopped at a light. There was woman in front of me who honked at the guy in front of her. The big guy got out of his car with a hammer with hundred other cars around, and broke out all the lights on her car and the windshield and the rear window. This was before cell phones were that popular and all I could do is sit there or risk the same treatment. Scared the crap out of me.

  • David Von Dietz

    You got one dude swingin a bat, one dude waving an axe, one dude talking smack aaaand the biggest dude just chillin in flip flops leaning on the car.

  • Sirwiggelz

    Wow russia plays rock paper scissors differently. Glad to know axe beats bats

  • Troi Boorman

    lmfao, seriously how random is that! If a guy gets out of his car with a hand axe, i don't care if you have a gun. it's time to leave – That's when you really need to stop and think "This guy thought long and hard about what weapon he'd like to have at his disposal"

    That's what you pull out when the thing you're planning to slice is Human.

  • Macabree

    Well this makes my dad look like a Saint. In his road rage I've seen him jump out of his truck to go after somebody, while his truck is still rolling down the road, in gear..Jump out and knock a guy out at an intersection, leaving his head on the horn so it's blaring… A woman was watering her garden once and sprayed her hose into his car as he drove by. He turned around, ripped into her driveway and hosed her down with her hose. And of course one of his most common acts was pulling out his bat.

  • Chris

    Pussies! All of them.

  • Dante

    Here in '"Merica", If you cut someone off then whip-out a bat on them, there's a good chance of getting shot in the face…

  • Suri


  • Michael

    I honestly expected one of them to pull out an AK-47 and light up the place. Baseball bats and hammers? Weak.

  • Travis Phoenix Birch

    to the guy promoting izismile, theyre a couple days behind the chive 85% of the time, dont talk shit about the chive

  • the russian

    this one is a little juicier

  • Dylan

    Nahhhhh, it our moronic USA there would be guns instead of pipes and hatches, and they wouldn't have walked away peacefully, they would have shot each other.

  • bigcityreem

    One guy with a mini axe v. Three dudes and 1 bat

    My money would have been on the axe wielder

  • jag

    Can anyone post a (real) translation of what the guy in the car said?

  • marxist819

    I can't be the only person who just shit his pants.

  • Josh fry

    Well that escalated quickly

  • E=MChammered

    Way to use your words to solve your issues boys

  • SleazyDZ

    this instantly made me think of the movie uncle buck when he walks up holding a hatchet(not an axe).

  • Hellren Darkover


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