She’s got legs (45 photos)

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  • Nate Woodard

    #19 Her legs are probably jealous of that fucking amazing ass.

  • Matt

    #33 is Sammy Braddy… You're welcome.

  • pdxfnord

    #6 is farking amazing!

  • Dr. JFever

    #3 Content stolen from Playboy.

  • O.M

    #12 why didn't you finish the campagne yesterday?

  • O.M

    #30 is that new single chivette Vanessa Paradis?

  • Biff T.

    This entire post is genius, thank you Chive!

  • Brian

    #27 Damn, they just go right up and make an ass out of themselves dont they.

  • zoxymusic

    #2 WINNER!

    • Zaedrus

      ACE! And let's hear it for the girl with some LEGS! Not little sticks, like most of 'em here.

  • TheRadBomber


    Weagle Weagle War Eagle

  • Pooreman

    #3 OMG

    • chiver

      Just out picking up some groceries before heading back to the kitchen

  • chiver

    Is #31 under house arrest?

  • James

    #16 who is she?!!!

  • @dbumbaco

    #18 woa

  • Imadog

    This is why dogs hump legs

  • Bradyized

    Damn there were soooo many good ones. #19!

  • firechickens

    Look at those nice thick hams!

  • ibleedgreenngold

    I love me some Rachael Bilson!

  • Rick

    This gallery is where I shall forever more dwell. #4 could take your head off (yeah both of them), #7 is almost the perfect woman who really knows the game, #19 the magnificant 3-in-1 the fine wine to enjoy for years to come, #27 the long thighs and that gap!, #43 fun and sexy have come back, #24 long thighs I could stay behind head first and breathe through my ears.

  • miguel

    #23 I loves me some Rachel Bilson!!

  • turd ferguson


  • Ned_Ryerson

    uh, yeah it is… check out the apt. in this one. do some research next time too.

  • Guest

    After #3 the all look like they've got stubby short legs….those legs go on forever!

  • @beagleracing

    Chive lied. Said 45 pics. Only gave 44. need one moar!

  • jun

    #3 and #4 – HOLY WOW!

    • jun

      I meant #41, not 4

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