Yoga pants might not be as popular in the summer, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less sexy (36 Photos)

  • babyfartmagizax

    #17 Looks like she feels nice

    • AssClown


      • Heh

        He's probably also the "suck me off" douchebag.

        While I'm commenting, #31's fake boob incision line is not letting me suspend reality 😦

        • knard

          What is your number

    • Mike

      I love your ass

    • knard

      Whats your number

  • Nick



    • Nick911

      Oh just a little

      • Xsoldier2000


        • Jozi
          • Ned_Ryerson

            even that one is crazy shopped. look at the wall on the right of the pic….quite wavy.

            • KISSmyLUVGUN

              Good job on the Groundhog Day thingymajiggy!

          • Xsoldier2000

            Yup, there it is.

        • Guest

          Well you asked for proof, there it is!

        • Scott Evil

          you're an idiot.

    • Queue

      They should've shopped her arm to make it look like a baby's while they were at it. I know it's foreshortened, but the perspective makes it look straight on… and weird.

      • Queue

        not look like*

    • Rico

      Even that "original" is shopped. Unless of course the walls in her house actually do have ripples in them.

    • 50 cent

      I like your ass baby

    • Mark

      She looks real good.

  • Vic

    #29 will get me through the week..

    • The Truth

      #6 is perfect… many of the others are just fat…. WTF???

      • Anotherwes

        You sir are insane, not one of these girls is fat.

        • chivers

          Many are: 27, 23, 15, 14 and more. The really sad part is they are shopped. The shopping ruins them. STOP IT CHIVE.

          • Ray Pissed

            Just because they aren't rail thin, doesn't make them fat numbnuts. I'm guessing you pretty much never get laid.

            • Stevie Wonder

              speaking from experience obviously

  • Vic

    #29…i need MOAR!!!

  • TokyoFace

    #8 …. wow

    • James

      Ur bangin

    • Del

      Yeah this one does not do the other in that set justice…

  • me!

    ooh yoga pants

  • Daniel Allton

    The Thomas the Tank Engine back pack really brings the whole thing together 😀


    • Imzkid

      Saw that too and am desperately hoping it is not the kid that uses the backpack that took the photo.

  • lello_bayb

    If i ruled the world… females from the ages of 18 – 35 is MANDATORY to wear yoga pants

    • mojomojo444

      Yeah good idea, and I'd be all like Sofia Vergara what the hell you doing wearing yoga pants, get back in them slacks

    • Ben

      Maybe a certain weight limit as well

      • WhatTha

        Combined with a Height Vs Weight ratio of come sort.

    • derpin

      Take a trip to Wal Mart and then come back and tell us if that is a good idea!

  • Vic

    looking good #18…

  • dertyjoe

    #15 for the love of god MOAR!!

    • Mn dude

      It may be Julia bond. Porn star

    • Lou
      • Ned_Ryerson

        this ass shopping is getting out of hand!

      • Josh

        Gotta say the original looks much better

    • JRStark

      …mother of god o_0
      …what a lovely view. 🙂

  • dennieyo

    #3 #4 #15 #17 #19 #30 #35 ME ish Drooooooolin' 😉 THNX Chive

    • Jay

      Damn, meant to be a +1

    • MarauderV8

      I'm sorry, but ones like #15 don't do it for me, too disproportional.

      • BoomBoomBoom

        That's because 4/5 pics are photoshopped. Shame too because they're hot without the "artwork."

  • Jimmy_Recard

    STOP shopping asses! Like #3

  • Jimmy_Recard

    #9 Is wonderful!

    • Ross Kalmbach

      Oh good lord.

    • paulhitchcock

      Wendy Lucas

    • Falthor

      fit, toned, redhead, I think I'm on sexiness overload…

  • NavyBoyTate

    Thank you for bringing it back for us 😀

  • f stuf

    #9…excuse me while i pick my jaw up off the floor

    • theloosesock

      FIND HER!

      • Falthor

        post above someone said ti was wendy lucas.

  • MattKL

    #9 #33 Yes ma'am!

    • tinu

      #33 's name is Lori HARDER

  • roda

    36 reasons why I love Yoga pants!!!!

  • Also a phoney

    Christ… How do you keep on trying to tell everyone that 'Chivettes are the sexiest because they're real' then keep posting photoshopped bullshit like #3 and #23. And those are just the most obvious ones, I mean they're not even convincing 'shops.

  • Xsoldier2000

    #14 DaaaaaaaMMmmmmnnnnnn

    • Kzo

      She put so much efforts to have a hump like that, it would be a crime not to enjoy it!

      • ....,

        #1 hump of the day

    • RoadSodas

      yucky face hot body

  • captain obvious

    #15 #23 #27 ALL SHOPPED (sadly)

  • friend

    #4 #30 Love it

    • 88 cents

      Please find HER!!! Definitely need MOAR of this lovely gal!!!

      • Olivia

        Agreed! She's hot! Are these pics part of a set?

    • Guest

      Apparently that ass overshadowed those serious cankles she is working with…. Pass!

  • RealZoo

    #15….FTW….Hands down!!!

  • Ricardo Neves Machado

    #10, #32 and #33, look at those abs. I love a flat belly.

    • ZenkTheTanK

      I am 100% behind your choices … Well Done friend… kcco

    • thekujo


  • marcussam

    le fap material…all tuesday stress=relieved…

  • marcussam

    #13 dat ass…follow it…

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