Hot Right Now: The weekend is in sight, now we just DGAF (42 Photos)

Yoga pants might not be as popular in the summer, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less sexy (36 Photos)

  • thenerd

    #13 I've got something better for her to ride

  • DjJazzyJeff

    Y do these girls photo shop a FAT ass!!!!! they should feel dumb in a post with fit chicks not hating just saying

  • Tim

    I want to shoplift all these pooties

  • BRAD

    #11 #15 #35 YUM

  • mIdwest

    #9 goIn to the gym alot more If women lIke that r there

  • Jeevus


  • 505sean

    #26 is looking great

  • ShrimpDaddy

    Have the most awkward work boner right now :S

  • mills

    WOW! My kind of girl!

  • DAily Hot

    Don't dare with her!

  • Dmac

    #3 dumps like a truck,truck,truck….

  • matt

    #26 thatd what im talking about the boot on the chive and mighty sexy too

  • SuperDanMan4290

    If #13 and #25 are the same girl….time to wife her. ;-D



    Yoga Pants, the best invention since the tight jeans

  • TheOnlyOnePhun

    If a chiver and a chivette hooked up what would that encounter be considered????

  • Pics4you

    #31 Those of you who want the shirt to be more higher thumbs up ❤

  • Notknowing

    #31 is doing it right. Need moar pix, pls.

  • Damian

    You do know there is a program that can detect photoshopped pictures. Before people start yelling shopped maybe invest some time and actually scan it with said program.

  • Falthor

    that set of pictures is amazing I love when one or more of them pops up from time to time.

  • HtownChiver

    #10 and #11… MOAR please.

  • Whaaat?!


  • Bob

    #6, #11, #30, #31, and #35…Find these women. Please. Come on, do it for me, your ol'buddy Bob.

  • moeshere foxdale

    #8 #36 Yall make that shit look good…YOGA, YOGA

  • low_jay

    #23, that is all.

  • jeremy

    #31 how bout them granite countertops? looks like 'Regina'? has nice taste

  • boob_cuddle

    #30 is a must find!

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