Yoga pants might not be as popular in the summer, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less sexy (36 Photos)

  • thenerd

    #13 I've got something better for her to ride

  • DjJazzyJeff

    Y do these girls photo shop a FAT ass!!!!! they should feel dumb in a post with fit chicks not hating just saying

  • Tim

    I want to shoplift all these pooties

  • BRAD

    #11 #15 #35 YUM

  • mIdwest

    #9 goIn to the gym alot more If women lIke that r there

  • Jeevus


  • 505sean

    #26 is looking great

  • ShrimpDaddy

    Have the most awkward work boner right now :S

  • mills

    WOW! My kind of girl!

  • DAily Hot

    Don't dare with her!

  • Dmac

    #3 dumps like a truck,truck,truck….

  • matt

    #26 thatd what im talking about the boot on the chive and mighty sexy too

  • SuperDanMan4290

    If #13 and #25 are the same girl….time to wife her. ;-D



    Yoga Pants, the best invention since the tight jeans

  • TheOnlyOnePhun

    If a chiver and a chivette hooked up what would that encounter be considered????

  • Pics4you

    #31 Those of you who want the shirt to be more higher thumbs up ❤

  • Notknowing

    #31 is doing it right. Need moar pix, pls.

  • Damian

    You do know there is a program that can detect photoshopped pictures. Before people start yelling shopped maybe invest some time and actually scan it with said program.

  • Falthor

    that set of pictures is amazing I love when one or more of them pops up from time to time.

  • HtownChiver

    #10 and #11… MOAR please.

  • Whaaat?!


  • Bob

    #6, #11, #30, #31, and #35…Find these women. Please. Come on, do it for me, your ol'buddy Bob.

  • moeshere foxdale

    #8 #36 Yall make that shit look good…YOGA, YOGA

  • low_jay

    #23, that is all.

  • jeremy

    #31 how bout them granite countertops? looks like 'Regina'? has nice taste

  • boob_cuddle

    #30 is a must find!

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