Daily Morning Awesomeness: Independence Day Edition (34 Photos)

  • Bob Loblaw

    #23 tough fall!! Watch her toes for the whip action. Hysterical. Can't wait for London Games!!

  • Faust

    #12…Army strong! LOL!!!

  • MattKL

    #33 'Merica!

  • Bob

    #5…Yes. This is the appropriate face to have when you're this close to this girl's ass.

  • Nick

    Good thing 80% of these had absolutely nothing to do with Independence Day

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  • JoeyG_55

    #5 I thought I would never love spongebob as I do right now!

  • budmetz

    How come nobody mentions the guy who took the picture?

  • JL22

    #1 reppin Stamford, CT

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