My country tis of thee! (52 photos)

  • Shant1k

    I imagined every flag replaced by a Canadian flag but it just didn't work…

    • Jummy

      It's because the guns get in the way.

  • TulsaSmartassChiver

    We need a "50 states of Chivettes" post.

  • MarryMePaula_

    Oh.. honey do be careful, you could poke an eye out with that stick.


  • dingdong

    Is 44 old enough to be posted

    • Notme

      I think you mean #44

    • Taylor Bloomquist

      ? its not an inappropriate picture?

  • mr_thai

    i'm proud to be an american! Happy independence day! And on another note, #9, #16, & #28….wow…all american beauties!

    • Dylan

      #28 is British actually

      • mr_thai

        whether she defected or is just showin us love, it's all good!

  • USA

    Back to back World War champs!

    • Drunkendave

      Really? When was the last time you guys actually won a war?

  • Saskguy26

    needs more boobs and humps

  • boob_cuddle

    #51 avenge. Not revenge. Still love you though merica!

  • Jack


    I'm an avid gun rights advocate, shooter, and 2nd amendment supporter


    I'm also a huge gun safety supporter

    This pic isn't funny. Guns and alcohol never go together. Ever. Just not funny.

    • Molon Labe

      Finger on the trigger, too. Obviously not an accomplished gunslinger.

  • Maow

    #37 less.

  • Ty4

    Happy 4th of July American Chivers! I hope you get a chance to say "Welcome t'Earth!" while punching something in the face today!

  • Jonathan

    #1 those are not the Afghans we're looking for.

  • marcussam

    FUCK YEAH…! Long Live America..!!!!

  • dragon2777

    #46 having been in the Air Force pics like that always get me. #15 anyone else feel like that almost makes it look like these colors DO run just saying. I know it is art but still that's the first thing I thought.

    • Natefrmtx

      I feel the same way about that second pic

  • Jamie

    #44 Mother Of God !!! Come on Chivers…. who is she ??? Find her !!!!!!

    • Ty4

      I know her! She's the 16 year old that's getting creepy men all over the country thrown in jail!

    • PedoHater

      This is Haley Collins, featured in the July 4, 2010 episode of " To Catch a Predator"

  • Unfkngblvbl

    *God bless America………

    • The Dude

      …land that I love….

      • OhioChiver

        …Stand beside her, and guide her…


    Good Morning Americans,
    Happy Independance Day. I agree with this picture. #52

  • Damian

    #18 Get a new flag already, I was taught that the flag should be pristine at all times. Damn thing looks like it was in the civil war.

    • boob_cuddle

      Point taken but I believe the point of the picture is that merica has been through shit but she still stands strong high above everyone else.

      • willis

        Everyone else??? Typical, haha. It's attitude like that that's why pretty much every other country dislikes Americans (I say pretty much only because I think Canada likes you).

        This flag probably does a better job of symbolising the state of America — worn, tattered, falling to pieces because it's looked after by morons in an anti-progress government perpetuated by the masses.

        I'm not even a hater of America — pretty much everyone in Australia thinks much worse of you. inb4 we don't think much of you either, we have a much more effective government, healthcare systems that can actually cater for our population, etc etc etc.

        • myself

          Ah yes, the E-peens come out swinging today more than just about any day. Every other country (I guess Canada is the exception) hates us so, but interestingly enough every person from the other countries will give reasons how their country is the glistening model of perfection.

          • Drunkendave

            I'm Canadian and I hate you fucks. Not all just the the ones who think their shit don't stink.

  • renegade12

    I'm not even American, but I can't believe how many flags posted here are improper and illegal. #27

    • Jummy

      Huh? Illegal? Free Speech allows it…Now the Armed forces may have particular rules about the flag I dont know but illegal…WTF are you talking about?

      • Stick

        It's hung improperly. Unless you're hanging a flag to face outward, and you're inside, the feild should always be to the left

        • Jummy

          maybe improper, not illegal

          • @Dishwater

            this pic and most in this post have the US Flag improperly displayed according to the Flag Code which is federal law. Illegal kinda but the Flag Code is trumped by the First Amendment so there is no penalty for failure to comply.

            and a hat tip to wikipedia [1]


  • OhioChiver

    #13 Read it. Learn it. Live it. And may God bless the United States of America.
    Happy Independance Day Chivers.

    • Walker

      "I pledge allegiance to my flag and the republic for which it stands: one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all." – Original Pledge 1892

    • John

      What a load of crap either version!!!!!!

  • GreatCanadian

    Wow, y'all sure have an ugly flag. Also, since when is it cool to bastardize your nation's symbol by putting it on cutoffs? Anyhoo, Happy Birthday 'Merica.

    • Bean

      Why do birds fly upside down over Canada? Because there is nothing worth shitting on.

    • Jummy

      Um Great Canadian, as a fellow Canadian I have to say on behalf of most of us that you are a dumbass…Though I love our country two red boxes and a damn leaf isnt all that cool….AND have you seen all the reallyyyyyy shitty and corny Canada Day shit we sell…I don't throw those stones, my glass flag wouldnt survive.

  • Jim

    Woke up slightly drunk this morning expecting Cat Saturday. In fact it is Wednesday and and this post is just as good!

  • Uh oh

    Definitely worth it!

  • nbuff

    #22 Roll tide and a happy 4th to everyone from a newly enlisted Private

    • lol

      I can't help but notice your scoreboard there.
      A guy I know makes extremely durable scoreboards that also hold your drinks.

      Check them out at

      Sorry for posting this. Just trying to help out a friend.

  • Mx422

    #46 Carry on little man.

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