My country tis of thee! (52 photos)

  • MrUpp07

    #28 Elle Basey…… i love this country

  • G-rock

    Gotta love #9. Thank you! Happy birthday!!

  • Force Kin

    one word merkins …. taxes

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  • Gypsy

    #44 For the love or 'Merika MOAR!!

  • Canuck

    Happy birthday UNITED STATES….

  • Donnoh

    #50, I don't care if you call it fashion, sexy or art, that is disrespectful and in bad taste! I love the Chive and all the Chivettes that are on it, but that picture should never be allowed on. Today of all days! That is your first mistake Chive, but make another and #^&^$*&%……!

    • Jummy

      It's called FREE SPEECH, you know the thing your country fought for so long ago…..

      • Natefrmtx

        There is also a thing called respect. There are more than enough men and women no longer here with us that deserve it. There is also a federal code that stipulates how the flag shall be displayed, and that is not it.

  • @sparkyinfla

    Thanks Chive, all the pics are awesome!
    #13 #21

  • Doug

    #26 #28 Sweet Jesus. Find them. Find them now!

  • h-1 orDIE

    #23 fantastic story. Home owner was not allowed to fly the American flag because of HOA policies, sooo he had the house painted.

  • skyfireCO

    #26 That shirt would be hard to pull off but she does it perfectly! And #46 is just amazing.

  • scmarine7

    #9 #26 and #28 MY GODDDDDD. Come spend the 4th with me!!

  • Rafa

    Happy Birthday USA, Great post Chive

  • map

    #35 Rex Kwan Do never looked better…

  • SamHamm

    #22 ROLL TIDE

  • mcb9090

    it amazes how many people dont know the proper way to hang the flag vertically. the stars always have to be in the upper left corner no matter which way it hangs

  • Panda

    #18 America….FUCK YEAH!!!!

  • Tyler Burkholder

    #9 #38 #49
    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of America…

  • Jeanraconte

    #14 #26 Find them please

  • bombom677

    Happy Birthday Sister/Bro which ever you prefer.

    -Your Northern sibling

  • ftw

    #31 that would be the only time it is acceptable to throw the flag on the ground

  • dave2622

    God bless America! we really have the greatest country

  • calister

    Gotta work on the 4th, f**kin sucks. #44 just made my day, she's gorgeous.

  • Steve Chi Town


  • saskchiver

    Happy 4th of July to all you Chivers/Chivettes

    from a Canadian Chiver

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