My country tis of thee! (52 photos)

  • leo

    why are we using our women to market our nation, i am sure our founding fathers will be proud seeing their ancestors being a product of lust

  • Allen

    #7 'Merica! Fuck yeah!

  • Notmyname

    #7 is really old school – 48 star flag

  • Hammer

    #50 Yea Hi. How about you get my flag off the ground. Hot or not, it's wrong

  • biggie

    #30 because Americans are fat?

  • SofaKingAwesome


  • Melkhiordarkblade


    Freedom puppy! That would be a great tv show.

  • Justin Michael Rigsby

    #28 You are, moar than you know…

  • 'Merica

    #22 ROLL TIDE!

  • Jruss

    #15 she went down on captain america…….

  • jrad


    If this picture doesn't bring a tear to your eye you aren't American, you definitely aren't a father, and you probably aren't human.

    Long live the USA.

  • ...

    #51 Haha "Revenge me"?


  • Fish

    Hokay, so, I'm not sure about the symbolism of #18; I thought a burned flag was a /bad/ thing?


    #15 "Madness takes it toll" …………. "Lets do the time warp again…………………"

  • Spanky

    #28 from that angle it looks like you are very much so worth it. MOAR plz.

  • asdfasdfasdf

    in america we have black people too

  • asdfasdfasdf

    chive is rac ist
    chive hates black people

  • asdfasdfasdf

    chive is rac ist
    chive hates black people
    chive staf fers are cree py 40 year old lo sers who stalk womyn and post pictures of highs choolers

  • jimmy

    !!! more girls, more videos, HD quality !!!

  • asdfasdfasdf

    chive is racist

    • DrChang

      aw fuck off… mostly while clientele wants to see mostly white women. go to worldstarhiphop and tell me how many white girls you see…

  • asdfasdfasdf

    there are no black girls ever on the chive

  • rick t

    #39 vcitoria justice ❤ #44 omfg!

    • rick t


  • giveapintnotashit

    I am fundamentally against our flag being displayed as clothing. The symbolism represented by it is diminished when it's used for fashion. Show respect for the flag by honoring what it stands for.

  • Rickey Matlock

    # 44 will be a super model in about 5 to 10 years!!

  • Dr.Chang


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