Animals that don’t suck (39 Photos)

  • myself

    #12 damn near a cuteness overload.

    • @megantalks

      RIGHT?! totally ebay'd "baby panda"

    • So fluffy!

      That's head exploding cuteness right there

    • Cecil

      I cannot look at a panda without laughing since the whole Jim Jefferies comedy special.
      "Put me in a cage with anything for a week, ANYTHING!…."

  • Wet_tosti


    • thechivejohhn?

      ^^^ Is that John from

  • RealZoo

    #14 …"Come at me bro!!!

  • Michael

    <img src=""/&gt; #12 it's the winner, So cute, looking forward to it Grow into a healthy giant panda <img src=""/&gt;

  • YeahBuddy

    #26 looks like the happiest dog ever

  • awhite2020

    #26 The simple things in life are usually the best things.

    • SoCal dude

      Yup mud on your balls is the best.

  • adonisallan


    Paint me like one of your french pussies.

  • adonisallan


    Who's the only panda here, raise your hand.

  • Tru Chiver

    #28 LOLOLOLOLOLOL it's sarah jessica parker. get it? sarah jessica parker looks like a horse!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Justin Bieber looks like a girl, still a better love story than twilight. MOAR!!! KCCO

    • bnl

      I feel your loneliness and it makes me sad.

    • PHappy

      Yer my boy Blue

    • Kodos

      I was just expecting a "hurr durr", but you went WAY off the track.

    • pretty much right on

      best comment i've read in a while. take note all you 15 year old idiot commenters

      • You're an idiot

        Thank you. I was hoping some 16 year old idiot commenter would come along and say that.

    • Si1entStatic

      Spoken like a true Reddit cult follower…… sorry we don't serve that kind of kool-aid here.

  • Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

    For a second I thought that was a water line and freaked that the kitten was going to drown. But it's not so it's fine.

    • levian

      I thought the same thing! Scary moments are scary

    • dragon2777

      same here I actually didn't realize that until I read your comment haha

    • rromero


      • Unfkngblvbl

        Puss in Das Boot.

  • LaurenGoMeow

    #12 aww sooo adorable

  • Rémy Kempkes

    Thought that cat was drowning : #36

    • Fall

      We could only wish…

  • Schnizz56

    #8 gangsta kitty don't take no sh*t

    • iChive

      "Call me a pussy again."

    • Today is...

      Thug Life

    • Anon

      The cat might be awesome but its owner is probably a monster douche

  • LJSearles

    Cats are never awesome. It's just the way it is.

    • levian

      I dont like cats but sometimes their shananagins are hilarious!

    • Kodos

      throw 'em in a barn, they'll take care of themselves….

    • Kitt

      Explains why you never get pussy

  • 0331

    #8 I never realized how lucrative illegal catnip was.

  • @joe_pec6014


    • Josh Rider

      Oh good, a new face for my nightmares!

    • Falthor

      beat me to it bro.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #2 does teacup pig turn into teacup bacon? cause i need something to stir my tea with

  • Regan de Har

    killing bitches,
    getting money

  • seraphino

    New policy in My Region, would love to know what policy that is and yes I drive in My Region. Plus every time I visit theChive I have eithet missed calls or new messages, which of course my phone doesn’t know sh** about. Really? Are you so needy and desperate Chive?

    • Testing testing


    • chiver

      also your phone is slow

    • Patrick

      dafuq you taking about. This is animals, not religion and policy! You should take a lesson from them and just chill.

    • Brewdy

      Wow, somebody forget to take their meds with breakfast.

    • Tigress

      Make sense or don't visit TheChive…wow.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      Talk your phone company. Sounds like you may be referring to a region based phone policy change by your phone service provider. Nothing to do with TheChive. I think you are also saying that when you are looking at TheChive your phone fails to get calls. Again, talk to your phone company, that's nothing to do with TheChive. Nothing you said has anything to do with TheChive. Talk to your phone company.

  • Guz

    #19 Whack a coon!

    • Fact

      He clearly got locked up for burglary.

    • George Zimmerman

      Give me the fucking mallet.

    • SecurityRisk

      Not Sure if racist or hilarious………………….

  • dochandy

    #3 "soon… i think." #12 oh. my. god. i just peed a little…

  • gregorije1

    #35 why do you do this to me human?

    • gron

      The"I'm gonna shit in your shoe for this" look.

  • Mike

    #31 Those damn agree birds!

    • Lunch_Box

      What are you so upset about, obviously the birds agree.

  • JasWKL

    #15 Duckface Punisher

    • zxcvb


  • doinyermom

    #8 like a boss

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