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I'm sure you've noticed but we're only lightly posting today because we celebrated the 4th of July with alcohol this year. We'll be back to full strength tomorrow!

Thanks to the hundreds of Chivers who showed up at the Rattle Inn in Austin last night. Our southern Chivers brought their patriotic A-Game. I especially want to thank everybody who bought me a shot. I may or may not be blogging from a toilet right now. Don't judge. What a night...

  • Thaseansta

    #18 WOW

  • joedro

    #30 can mind the gap any time she wants chive got a problem didnt think so

  • qweds517

    #9, nice piercings

  • Mike

    #13 I do love magnificent boobs cause those are the best fucking kind.

  • Mojofotoman

    #18 – Can we just pretend everyday is the Fourth of July? o_O

  • 2Dogs


  • hey_cw

    #28 bring that train over for training.

  • Mighty

    #27 keeper,
    #30 Challenge accepted!

  • Adz

    #30 I submit>

  • John Van Dusen

    #30 SCHWING !!! Find this,the nicest ass on the planet !!

  • cpt_lol

    #27 I know talent when i see it…

  • keyser soze


    Level: Immune…

  • Zaedrus

    #11 Oh, Internets… I love what you do.

  • Kate

    #19 making all of us intelligent ladies look bad.

  • dcarroll

    #29, I'm no astronomer…. but I can clearly see Uranus..

  • oneNonlyjuarez

    #4 #18 sexxy AF

  • Greg Pickering


    Bi-lateral nipple enhancers.

  • Geohult

    #28 Make me feel like a dirty old man . Yet I'm strangely okay with it.

  • Rick

    #9 I zipped passed all the others to request MOAR!!!!! now back to the post

  • Madmartigan 333

    #34 Please find her….. for the love of Grey Skull!

  • Tulsa Chiver


  • Syraphym

    #18 an ass so fine it broke the mirror.

  • TimCat

    #13 yes, yes you do. #18 God Bless America #21 Find the ginger! #30 Minded your gap and mind blown. #34 GOD DAMN

  • Jamz

    For the love of gawd! MOAR #18, #22, and #30!!!

  • Newink

    #19 im in love!!! how do i meet this lovely tatted women!?

    • newink

      correction #9

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