Graffiti isn’t always something to be frowned upon (40 Photos)

  • jgwentworth

    Oh my gatos

  • DiscoBiscuits

    i dont get why people tag such incredible art and such a crappy building and whatnot, still sick tho

    • DiscoBiscuits

      on such a crappy building, my mistake

    • J.Pollock

      Because the crappy building is there. It becomes their canvas. When they're done, it's no longer a crappy building. It's art, and art exists for art's sake.

      • Stick

        It's still a crappy building.

        • janitor

          so why not use it to paint something that's not crappy? It's not like it's worse after that 🙂

  • bob

    #34 I actually stopped scrolling because I thought something was loading.

    • adonisallan


    • SAChiverSteven

      I had a real WTF moment there myself

      • Anonymous

        I think a lot of people will and then they'll feel more comfortable about themselves when they see they weren't the only one.

        • clever handle

          yes ditto. I waited a good 5 seconds before I got it. Thanks goodness I'm not alone.

    • Go Hoosiers

      yep, me too. wireless is slow as hell today, said to myself, maybe it's a GIF.

    • Sierra Perea


    • Guy2

      Same here

  • Michael

    <img src=""/>Awesome, As artificial as the results of these physical alterations, tiger man <img src=""/&gt;

  • awhite2020

    #18 is so awesome!

  • Aaron Yadao

    #34 got me. If The Chive taught me anything, it's that I should know better.

    • adonisallan

      I guess Chive still needs to teach you.

  • Lars

    Love graffiti if it looks good as it takes talent. I just don't understand tagging. Who do they think wants to see that shit?! I live in an area of Copenhagen that has Tags everywhere. There is a person/group who has tagged 'Tomcat' over the entire city. It looks terrible, not to mention the millions of Kr in property damage. If caught I think the perpetrators should be made to clean it off with a toothbrush!

    • Calikush

      u gota undrstand that all the real cool graffiti u see.. the guy who did it.. would neeeeever had been able to do it unless he started "taging" first.. to me the "tag" is the beeeeeest..its an artist signature..I think they should just hav to clean it up to but instead if theyre cought.. they are made into felons .. hella gayass law

      • Grammar

        From the way you mangle the English language, it's pretty easy to tell that you're a fucking idiot. No, seriously, don't even bother trying to make some smart-ass comeback or try to puff up your chest and look bad or whatever. You're a moron. You should be kept in a small cage, away from any keyboard, so you don't commit such a heinous act again.

        • matt

          its the chive. were not writing the fuckin' internet novel. the internet is open to the smart, dumb, pretty, ugly rich, poor, the non educated and ass holes like you. so you understood what he wrote and that should be good enough. let me guess you hate when you MERIKA on the CHIVE?

          • STFU, moron

            That's the lamest, most idiotic excuse I've ever seen. "It's the Internet." You're a fucking moron too if you think 'communicating' like that other idiot is at all acceptable. You're worse than a moron. You're a fucking Neanderthal beating his chest and grunting. You and your idiot friend should be surgically castrated to prevent you from passing on that idiot gene.

            Sorry if I used big words. It's the Internet, see, and I can communicate any way I want to. You fucking inbred, goat-fucking, incest loving piece of shit.

            • ChiveOn

              You're the only one beating your chest, dipshit.

      • Tim

        Let me tag your car, or your property. You probably wouldn't be so keen on tagging then. Commissioned pieces are great, but if it's uninvited, I don't care how pretty or awesome it is, it's vandalism.

    • fallen

      i see where you're coming from Lars, but in order to understand tagging youd have to better understand the graffiti community. Tagging gets your name out for the world to see, especially in a place like my hometown where legal walls are hard to find. Tomcat has done his job because you know his name. Big pieces take time and a LOT of money just to be painted over (by the city or other artists) tagging is more economical, time saving and is a type of propaganda to get your name out there. All graff artists want is to be remembered and respected in our own way.

      • adMANistrator

        So you want to get your name out and be remembered for doing something illegal and costing the community lots of money to clean up? Sounds awesome. Your "community" must be really underground. Most of us probably haven't ever heard of it.

      • ravingmadreader

        So you become well known and get your name out there by tagging, which just spray painting they're name right? Cause, like you said, big pieces of artwork take time. So if they're just tagging they're name, because they want to get it out there, that means they're going to know his or her name solely because it's his or her name. They'll be known as tomcat, that guy who tags his name. That doesn't make sense? Why would you want to be known for nothing more than your name?

  • adonisallan

    #7 #13 #26

    I love the works of Banksy. Not only it's beautiful, but the meaning of it is deep. No wonder why his "salvaged" art reaches up to tens of thousands of dollars.

    • NIXem

      7 is not a banksy

    • Mitch

      Try hundreds of thousands.

  • Brass

    #6 – hipster t-rex
    #8 – am I the only one who did not see a mouth at first??

    • birdhaus32

      Do. most of the vags you see have teeth???

    • Dave Grohl

      typical chiver. obviously never seen a vagina.

  • #40 Lindsey

    Amarillo TX KCCO my home town 😉

    • Brian

      Me too

    • Eric

      And me

    • Keri Cornelison

      Me four!

  • Ziggy

    Awesome art. Anyone know where to get HD version of 37.

    • Spelling Police

      Found 1024 X 584 on Google Images.

  • TGIFriday Chiver

    Just wanna give a shout out to the awesome Chiver manager at TGIFriday's on 202 in Delaware, giving me $20 off my bill for rocking my black KCCO! Thanks again bro!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Vacancy: Manager of TGI Fridays, Delaware. Must have ability to not give company's money away.

    • chiver

      sounds like a nice place to eat tonight

  • Anonymous

    That's not ok.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #37 pikachu, use rabbies! its super effective!

    • levian

      I lol'd

  • TulsaSmartassChiver


    • Fred


  • TheSimonizer

    No DAR yesterday… and now no DMA this morning… wtf Chive?!

    • Hunnibadger

      It was a freaking holiday.

      • Dino Poua

        give him a break. he didnt know, being canadian and all.

    • Woody


      Thanks, Woody

    • Lando

      Bob is obviously the only one in the office today.

    • Lisa

      They drink. A lot. Such is life. 😉

      In the mean time, #31 is awesome.

      • Rocky

        Hulk SMASH Chive Mans Hangover.

  • earlyriser

    Stared at this for a sec waiting for it to load

  • absolutcarcrazy

    My macaroni pictures fall way short of this…..

  • Sade

    #18 Pac Man will never find #2

    • Terence

      #2 – Hoboken, NJ

  • MrRockwell

    Did anyone else first read #36 as:

    "Mistake dangerous can be a words up on slipping"

    said: "what…" then face-palmed at their own stupidity?

    Guilty as charged.

    • levian

      Huh. I just read it, said wtf this makes no sense. Maybe the guy who wrote it had bad grammar. Then i saw your comment.

      Facepalm incoming

  • Red

    #27 sad larry, what happend to you?

  • Mike

    #23 #25 are my favourite…

    • levian

      23 is great, i had a good chuckle

  • XxOnEdgexX

    #27…STAN?? WHERE'S KYLE?

  • Holly Keeley

    For number #37, who is the third guy from the left…?

    • Passing by

      I think it's Asterix, from Asterix & Obelix


        Passing by is right. Asterix is originally a french cartoon. They made a pretty sweet sega game too.

        • Red

          Yahh he is, as soon as he said it i remembered what that was from. i forgot it was a french cartoon, im surprised it didnt go over that well over here.

    • Red

      Awe man ik who it is, i saw the movie that guy was in when i was a kid, forgot his name tho lol

  • Go Hoosiers

    #9 – Anyone else remember when 7up rocked that lil red dot? Awesome!

    • Medi

      Thanks you good sir! I was racking my brain trying to remember where the hell that damn little dot was from!

      • Johnny K.

        It's Spot… He also had a super cool video game "Cool Spot" on the NES way back when… Blew my mind when I saw the little fucker…

        • Chris Wheatley

          And "Spot goes to Hollywood" for Genesis…classic

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