Graffiti isn’t always something to be frowned upon (40 Photos)

  • Jeff

    Can we have a double helping of sexy Chivettes this week?

  • Lunch_Box

    Unless it's contracted, Graffiti is always frowned upon as vandalism.

    • NIXem

      get bent

      • Lunch_Box

        Oh, I see your point now, It makes perfect sense…………really, get bent, that's your reply….. pretty sad.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #28 the first death hasn't bothered me for years. I don't care about living long. The second I never thought about. It's kinda depressing, but it shouldn't be. Why should I care? But I do.

  • Prof. Large McHuge

    This vandalism appeals to my middle-class American cultural values, therefore i support it while simultaneously degrading similar vandalism not rooted in things that are familiar to me

  • Pants

    Graffiti would be a lot more interesting if the artists weren't so damn self righteous.

  • 3dzer0
  • surfaid

    #6 must be the infamous hipstersaurus rex, the PBR gave him away.


  • Derby

    About 7 of these are graffiti….The rest are murals.
    Jes' sayin'…..from a guy that has done a number of commissioned wall works.

  • @mizdictator

    #40 What have people done to Cadillac Ranch?!

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  • jack

    some of these are banksy's

  • Anonymous


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