“Meanwhile, in America” meme — you know all of this to be true (31 Photos)

  • Alice

    #12 was Philly! Saw the sign on the door! Priceless!

  • peter downey

    I have to admit, I saw this exact post on a different site 1-2 days ago. The only difference was the pictures were in a different order. Sort of breaks my heart actually that chive would do that.

  • Codi

    #7 is Russell Brand in 10 yrs (after living the American way)

  • Bob H

    No wonder why the world hates us!

    • liberalcanleave

      The world does not hate America. That is left wing propaganda. Anyone who travels, especially our military, know better.

      Shame on Chive for perpetuating the lie.

  • http://thegermangarage.blogspot.com/2012/06/no-more-trig.html Rubes27

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    All Cars. All Awesome. All of the Time.

  • shane

    Chive fail a day after 4th of July….if this post where making fun of any other country one day after their independence day it wouldn't fly at all. This is the most diverse country on the planet and you show a bunch of fat slobs not fit to fly the flag…..how about you show some pictures of the America that clean-sweeps the Olympics on the next post??

  • Steve

    #7 did russel brand pack on some weight? No wonder katey perry left him

  • dustin_b3

    #19 This one actually seems AWESOME

  • Kenny

    #2 #7 #19 #28 Let freedom ring!!!

  • David_Nagy

    #31 is in germany but it is an american military base

  • ben

    Do any German chivers know of company that's hiring?

  • MstrFlsh

    So i want to enjoy some video games, sit around, and fall into a food coma every once and a while. Fuck you world, you don't know me!

  • Marilyn

    Did anyone notice the lady in line at the last picture is the same lady in the picture with the treadmill? Just puting it out there…….

  • Nartef

    and yet again this is way the world hates you america

  • Mac

    FIts the stereotype pretty well…coming from someone who is well traveled and lived all around the world for 30 years and no not in the military. No-one is jealous; and it’s not left propaganda. The most propaganda happens right here in the USA from both sides of politics…need to read other news from around the world to get a true picture of what is going on. Let’s face it: out media hardly holds our leaders accountable. It’s just spin spin spin from both sides….the media spews this crap, Americans repeat it at home and abroad and that’s what grates on people.

    • yeah


  • Anderson463

    #26 I didnt know Chuck Testa had a company truck!

  • Jorrrrrn

    #24 Let's be fair, this is what happened in Korea when they released Starcraft II…

  • Indy

    #7 wow, russell brand has really let himself go…..

  • http://stevenboliek.com Sboliek

    #7 If Russel Brand were born in America!

  • simon

    Yeah I get it we are fat

  • Amanda J

    Most of these posts made me sick to my stomach. All but a few made me sad for the state of my country and the people and kids live here. :¤(

  • fish

    I want to smack the shit out of everyone in these pictures. They're this Country's embarrassment. Lazy and stupid pigs.

  • Dan

    The lady in the pink chair was on the treadmill AND in line at BK. WTF?

  • mrkerrdontplay

    #10 when these ladies starting scissoring grimace popped out. the rest is mcd's history

  • Graham

    #5 Whats wrong with this one? I see a loving family who loves dogs, and exercises proper trigger control with their guns. C'mon now this kind of stuff is what gives us "Evil" gun owners a bad rep…

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