“Meanwhile, in America” meme — you know all of this to be true (31 Photos)

  • richmackin

    #25, unfortunately, is not funny. After this pic made the meme sites a while back, it came out that she has a medical condition, so it's more like it's awesome that she can take her baby out at all, not a laziness issue. #29, however, is pretty much asking for it.

  • Hymen Vagistein

    #23 & #31

    Wait a minute…

  • Kyle

    Most of these are funny but #8 is just sad.
    The hysterical Security State, 'zero-tolerance' (zero-intelligence) punishment culture and bureaucratic cement-headedness of schools today (private schools, you're not off the hook either) makes me glad I don't have kids.

  • Cudaman

    It's unfortunate that I have to go to a foreign country to see my tax dollars at work o.0

  • Random Brony

    #22 Who did that horse eat?

  • Marz

    I hope that isn't how people actually see us… those people shouldn't represent anything… unless its an anti obesity add.

    • proud canadian

      It is exactly how we see americans!a bunch of fat,gun toting hillbilly dipshits.

  • joe bob

    is #14 making fun of a misprinted text book? US tested in NM in '48, Russia did not test until '52.

    • joe bob

      sorry '49

  • An American

    #20 I must have

  • proud canadian

    Are you kidding me marzsays. Have you even been to the states? These are bang on representations of merica! Except there should be someone getting shot in the background of all of them.

  • jambo

    #12 meanwhile, black people…

  • Lou

    #23 and #31 are the same woman and chair :I
    Now I suspect they're all fake and America isn't so bad.

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