Xbox 360 gets reincarnated into a laptop (25 pics)


  • bigcityreem

    Microsoft…hire this guy now.

  • Alex

    It's impressive as is everything when you can use your own CNC machine to make shit

  • derhurp

    does it still red ring?

  • ObiwanJimobi

    Hey that's nice and all, but where the hell are my humps??

    Don't you dare think the 4th gets you out of the very important responsibility of providing all us men with our favorite day.

  • db83

    So basically, someone made a laptop out of 7 year old hardware? Riveting stuff.

  • Matt

    What. The. Hell. You made an Xbox into an…Xbox. Go build a tree house or something.

  • moeshere foxdale

    This fuck better start saleing them….I want one….dam it…

  • Reckless

    I'll never give my money to microsoft again. They've burned me twice with the red ring scam. Why I twice bought a product that notoriously breaks when turned on, I'll never figure out. Can't wait to hear about the "surpise" problems with their new console

  • Damien Meere

    Gotta just appreciate the effort and ingenuity that's on into that!? Love it

  • sean

    I'm sure glad 4 year old stuff is being posted. Ben heck has been doing this for years, literally. And many others after him.

  • SSMK

    Seriously, Chive? Welcome to 2006.

  • mIdwest

    dude ur my hero

  • NJF

    So it's a Console PC hybrid, my god. I wonder which side will be more pissed off.

  • jess

    i bow down to your glory sir

  • The Duck

    Virgin for life

  • ihategames

    Dude, you literally took Ben Heck's pictures and put them in your post and claimed them as your own. 😡

  • Vaginaless human

    I want to have sex with you

  • waltgator

    awesome! now do a ps3! please!?!?

  • Jennie Krueger

    I don't get it. I'm spoiled with playing Halo on my big screen, why go smaller? So that I can play on my laptop? Meh.

  • JMody

    That looks like Ben Heck's, Was done a long time ago….

  • tina

    Impressive Sir.

  • Eric Sailor

    i want one

  • JimmyS

    I may not be an expert bu that may have voided your warranty

  • sean

    what a fucking waste lol. he should have rigged up a wasabi360 inside the case as well, and an extra harddrive for the games. why make a 360 so portable when you still gotta lug around all the games?

  • Jamie Plumley

    how would one go about buying one of these contraptions?

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