Youtube comments gone horribly right (25 Photos)

  • Matt

    No DMA, huh? Rattle Inn must have been a throwdown last night.

  • Steve Jungwirth

    When we're done here, let's all meet over at Youtube and listen to the Skyrim theme

  • Adam

    #12 I actually looked up on youtube, because that's what the fuck i'm actually doing with my life.

  • joe shabadoo

    well at least you put all the reposts at the beginning so i could just skip past them with ease

  • AWDesome

    If I had one wish before I died it would be for everyone who ever asks for thumbs up for their comments on youtube to be raped by pterodactyl and die… that is all.
    Watch the fuck out #21

  • Tanis

    #20 Just watched this on youtube and this video received a shit ton of views all due to the chive.

  • Knives Chau

    People say the darndest things…

  • ken

    Awsome thread kept laughing

  • Jake

    Some of these are so old.

    • Que

      Go outside and play. Maybe you won't see repeats.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #25 Just went on youtube and saw the chive comments haha, this is great!

  • Pamela

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  • Milan Lia

    This is hilarious! I can't stop myself from laughing so hard. Nice compilation of youtube comments. Posts like this are catchy and I think would be a great strategy tofile llc online businesses.

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  • Anonymous

    Jardine hey

  • Funny Lim

    Great post. Especially the way you write this post.

  • Keith_D

    #17- Unpossible

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