14 year old girl going against the grain…(12 Photos)

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  • PO2 Willie

    her sisters shoulda spent that money on their faces.


    yuck, loose the bleached hair, spray tan, unnatural boobs & go to the gym! what is UP with the "idea of beauty" !?!?!?!

  • Hendy_89

    they all need face transplants

  • Ces

    Same hairdresser maybe? not an ounce of originality between them same hair boobs everything

  • Quidam589

    You guys are forgetting the real victim here. The Father, married to that troll, having 5 daughters to feed, and paying out 50k pounds for them to feel less ugly.

    • Thror

      You, sir, win the internet today! Notice he doesn't seem to be in any picture…

      But I'm guessing that he kept porking the old lady (probably the other woman in #4, she looks like she's got a few more miles) to keep spitting out childrens until he finally got a son (probably the kid in #11). Guys who marry women like that usually seem to have something to prove, as well.

  • ballz

    do not want.

  • mar

    blonde hair and big fake tits, how original. and theyre all disgusting. there is still hope for her though..

    • Thror

      So she'll hopefully go to school, move away, and start a good career. Then someday she'll meet a nice guy she wants to spend her life with, and he'll ask about meeting her family.

      "Uh, they were eaten by bears…" will seem like a better response than the truth.

  • thetech2

    I didn't know guys got breast implants ,it should have read differently fuck they're ugly ,no wonder they did it

  • pervyman

    Implants or not, they are all hideous piles of dog crap!!! Burn them now!

  • MountainHombre

    dont do do it! your beautiful natural boobs are the evolution of superior human beings and therefore more attractive and sexy. Thank God your 18 and Im able to say this and out of all those blondes Id def do you first.

  • Sam

    Can anyone tell why we give a Fnck?

  • cpat

    #11 OI! I Got yer big Boobs fer me'self like!

  • Simon

    That's the most disgusting fucking family on the face of the planet. Or better yet inside the planet too.

  • Subetai

    White trash imo…14 yr old has more sense than all the rest of them combined!

  • Kraig

    Your mother and sisters are very confused and lack self confidence, which you seem to have. Good for you and your choice to be just you and not a fake person caught up in boobs. Your a very pretty girl and keep being just your self, you'll be just fine. 🙂

  • Tyi

    White trash at it best

  • listenerrs

    She's incredibly beautiful. It's sad that she almost looks mortified in these pics. The rest of her family need some serious mental help.

  • Names

    so… you devoted a whole post to a family of ugly, fake-boobed blondes… k.

  • its_forge

    Just in case you thought Great Britain didn't have ugly, skanky, horrific-looking white-trash idiot sluts.

  • Nab

    After that whole thing, I'm depressed

  • Edaea_Sinid

    This family is fuck** up. I am glad she is not following tradition! 🙂

  • tfbuckfutter

    Umm….do they know that liposuction and rhinoplasty are also available?

    Not saying they should do it, but if you're going to be vapid cunts you might as well not put all your eggs in one basket.

  • namal

    if at 14 they are like that , she will not need a boob job

  • Chris Dublin Chiver

    They are all bastard ugly

  • Jared

    The Mom's boobs look more like giant milk sacs that will burst at any moment..

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