14 year old girl going against the grain…(12 Photos)

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  • Steve

    I feel bad for the dad

  • newchive

    20lbs of shit in a 5lb bag. If my family looked like bog monsters, I would go against the grain as well.

  • nouu

    bunch of fucking sea donkeys…

  • karateman39

    The money should have been spent on their faces. Gah. I need to clean my eyes out. now.

  • jtoutloud

    whiskey tango

  • Eric

    Ya onlyv need brest implants if your to be to things in this world
    • a slut
    • a porn star

    And a at 14 years old WTF and they pay £50,000 for fake. Boobs!? Again WTF why do you use that money for something tht will get you some where in life like a education..
    But you know what good for the girl who's not giveing in to getting brest implants
    And looking to get somewhere in life good for her

    Btw take a look at the all the other girls with Brest implants do they look any happier? Has haveing BIG tits gotten them anything in life?
    It you know like I said good for the girl who desided to put that money to good use in getting a education good for her.

  • Rebecca

    She's beautiful without having to change! Good for her!

  • A-ta-tha-B

    Business world, eh? She'll need the boobies…

  • vulvasmash

    I didn't read the post. At first I thought this was a new reality show " Britain's got Trannies."

  • Sirgallahad


    You stay the way that genetics have made you.

    Tit-jobs are for insecure slags and trollops.

  • blah

    o i get it they get fake tits to cover they're fucked up faces

  • Anonymous

    Sexy gir

  • Anonymous

    Indian girl potos

  • Opticxyz

    U dont need big tits ur already beautiful and the business world? Thats great u go for it!

  • Jane Johnson

    Jeez, the 2nd woman from the right (on the first photo) needs a breast reduction sydney! You call that breast? Same with the other comments, they don't look pleasing at all. For the 14 years old, sorry but I sense hypocrisy, wait till she turns 16, she'll eat her words for sure.

  • dick

    Id lick that little bitchs pussy

  • minadobrev401

    She should just probably stay that way unlike her sisters and mother. But if she ever gets to want to have it, then plastic surgery in sydney, is the right answer, just in the right time.

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