14 year old girl going against the grain…(12 Photos)

Via Dailymail.co.uk/

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  • MistaDabolina

    every one of those bitches are fuckin ugly

  • 770

    WTF is wrong with people?! LOL savagecabbage… DAMN PIKEYS !!

  • JPPO

    Sanity over Vanity; good for her…

  • Mikerhinos

    I'd tap the fatty with the huge ones. Then in order of the biggest to the smallest. In one day. lol.

  • SilentWrath

    Good for her! LOL, but I love pic #11. If ever there was a teenage boy in Freudian Hell that's him!

  • B Dub

    The expression on her face in #12 says it all. She's fed up with her sisters and mom 'trying' to look sexy or cute all the time. She's a good looking kid who has a head on her shoulders regardless of the messed up environment she's been raised in. Good for her, and good luck in college!

  • Random

    I guess the fake boobs take the attention away from their faces.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Roboturner421 Matthew Hall

    #12 She just looked pained sitting in the center of all that slut.

  • Tigerlily

    Britney you should be very proud of yourself! You're a very pretty girl. You maybe might want to rethink your wardrobe but that aside you go girl! I won't be as mean as the others because they are your family but your mom and aunts should rethink the fake look. Ages them terribly.

  • BennyLava

    Buzz, your girlfriend, wooof!

  • fzero

    and….who gives a shit?

  • anervusguy

    #3 – Her chest is fairly substantial already. Why would you augment that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jefffsmith Jeff Smith

    Wow! What a colossal waste of money…and implants !!!

  • mutant26

    what an f'n horror show that is. That poor girl. Glad to know she is actually going to use her head instead of her chest to do something with her life. those women look like they all needed implants to take away from the catchers mitt faces they have…she is fine!

  • Shoofly

    They're all slags, but I'd still take a titty fuck off of any of them.

    • Shoofly

      But it'd have to be backwards with my ass in their face so I wouldn't have to talk to them.

  • Bob

    # 12. The cosmetic surgury would've been a wiser expenditure, had it been on their faces. The 14 year old is the exception – she will grow up to be a man killer (hopefully figuratively, not literally).

  • ramon

    real classy bitches

  • on2wheels247

    What a bunch of bimbos… At least the 14 y/o has a brain.

  • Lardnapkin

    Fake tits does not make you pretty, it just masks the fact your ugly. I see their fashion advisor is Stevie Wonder

  • perv

    WTF is this shit……. 14 chive why even post this

  • gref38

    #14 The others all need huge boobs just so the boys will talk to them!

    Homely bunch they are! that #14 on the right looks like it could be her brother for Gods sake.

  • http://theadventuresofjim.wordpress.com/ theAdventuresOfJim

    she's not exactly small now

  • nojoke420

    Boobs can't fix ugly

  • Dez Thrill

    I see nothing but some gross bitches. icky chicks. not hot. no bueno. everything that's stereotypically wrong with blonds…

  • ghostofmlg

    Drinking – you're doing it wrong!

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