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  • babyfartmagizax

    #2 #44 Obama gets to meet Taylor Morris, going down as a legendary Chive photo for sure!

    • douche baggins

      I'd be more pumped to meet the man on the right, than the guy in the middle..

      • Der

        The guy on the right has really nice hair and quite a nice set of boobs.

        • Nathan Lane

          He obviously meant "stage right."

          • douche baggins

            Yes, sorry… Left depending how you look at it

      • Nick Parsons

        Obama got to meet Taylor??!! One lucky president…

    • Dave Benfield

      #2 Taylor got to meet Amy Poehler? Awesome!

    • Trav1121

      I am very proud of what the people out there have done for Taylor. His story is truly an inspiring one.
      As for you, Mr. Fart, you are a plague that needs to be purged from this site. Everytime I see your stupid avatar, I just want to punch you in the face. The comments used to be something I looked forward to for a laugh. They enhance the gallery experience, for better or worse. Now your constant, generic, rating whoring garbage just ruins and taints everything that used to make interacting here great. I hope you and your bullshit rating are happy about that. I can only hope that you diaf this weekend. You make me want to hate South Park, which I love. Lastly, fuck off.

      • hank

        Cool story bro

      • BruceWayne

        I know South Fucking Park…..I loved that show.
        People who want to put Fuck Fart Face we need to have a plan.

    • savagecabbage

      Hey you do realise if you are citing the name of the south park character, which i assume you are given your avatar that it's baby FARK mcgee zax and not babyfart which makes you sir… An idiot. Also a tosser

      • Random observer

        Yea let's focus on the guys name instead of the awesome hero in the pictures. People like you guys are what's wrong with this world. That man has my respect, thank you for your sacrifice so me and my family can live free and comfortably.

        • aTrueAmerican

          Actually the guy in the middle is what is wrong with the country, and the guy on the right are the only reason he has the ability to spread his bullshit around. It makes me sick to see oblame-a use this as an attempt to exploit this story to get votes and so that the idiot youth of today will think he's cool. When in fact, he doesn't give a shit about the freedoms, the gentleman and hero in this photo gave his limbs and life to protect.

          • anon

            Quit yer bithcin'

          • PartyMarty

            Can't even get into what a douchenozzle you are. I am heartened by my assumption that you will forget to vote in November.

          • Anon

            Guess what? Calling yourself a True American doesn't make you one. As much as the GOP hates to admit it, we live in an objective reality where words have meaning, and people who think critically can make up their own minds. I can't wait until the idiot geriatrics of the day in the Gullible Old Party die off so we can move on from the current embarassing situation you have put us in.

            Deuces, bitch!

            • HonoluluChiver

              I don't think it has anything to do with the GOP, the guy shits all over America. And then there is you, an idiot who doesn't pay attention to anything that is going on. Because if you did, you would know that a government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it away. And your're point is shit as well, sitting in you're basement on the internet all day while your mom pays for you're health care isn't reality. The guy lies left and right, flip-flops on everything and then tries to cater to whatever happens to be cool at the time. I from Hawaii, and live down the street from where this ass hat went to school, even the people in the town he grew up in, can see that he's of full of shit.

              Oh, and just because you think you're smart doesn't mean you are. Deuces………..bitch.

              • its_forge

                Not sure who you mean, you're talking about Romney right? Sounds just like Romney to me.

              • Basaltman

                "I from Hawaii…." please return to school and learn how to write properly. Your profanity, hatred and ignorance demonstrates that it is you not Obama what is wrong with America.

          • its_forge

            Ugh, dude, just shut up, holy hell.

      • Mr Plows Revenge

        False cabbage. The only thing you're tossing is your roommates salad. It is baby fart- not fark.

        Make the world a better place punch magizax in the face

        • True Park Fan

          Actually, the name of the south park character is Baby Fark Mageezax. It was never baby fart… get your references right.

      • BruceWayne

        Hear! Hear!

      • lost in time

        me, me, me. don't focus on the original pic, let's talk about me.

    • BruceWayne

      the obvious ones idiot.
      This made me LOL.
      The 4th is over all ready. Shirt.

  • guthrie

    #4 and #39 holy humps!!!

    • @theterryburke

      I hope the girl in #4 reads this so she knows i think she has a great butt

    • Henree Arriola de Garcia

      Does anyone know who #4 is? omG!!!!

    • @bikerdatingsite

      Big difference!

  • A.E.

    #4 #9 #11, i want to #13 😉

    • CalypsoShift

      I see what you did there!

    • RazerGlass

      In case anyone is wondering about the girl in blue.
      : Jessica Jane Clement

      • thumbs up

        more interested in seeing #9 again

        • queso fresca

          Kinda looks like the girl from waterworld all grown up…..kinda

          • Luke

            My gosh you are right man.

          • its_forge

            Tina Majorino did not turn out quite this cute or sexy.

  • vinnychase420


    good times, i miss the 4th of july already

  • Larry

    #11 we're looking also.
    #30 Humina, humina, humina. such a nice arse!!

    • Jake

      #30 Rosie Jones

      • Kato

        Wrong! That's Sammy Brady.

        Jake, you just lost your stalker license.

  • Le Derp

    #48 Bitch should have run. Raccoons are vicious, hello head rabies.

    • elgarraz

      If it was a badger she coulda been all like "we don't need no stinkin' badgers!" Because we don't.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      Head rabies?

  • Colt

    eat shit….please

    • Holy Shit WTF

      why don't you go jizz on paula_ hair, you retard. Seriously, you have gone from not funny, to a retard with a keyboard. The more you post, the more i laugh that your parents gave you a computer.

    • Tuna

      Oh come on Bob, as stupid as "suck me dry' is, I respect this guys sticktoitiveness. Please use administrative decisions to block Babyfarts "MOAR, FIND HER, DAMN SHE IS FINE", or anyone without an original thought just to get thumbs up for pointing out hot girls we saw seconds earlier.

      • BUTT HOLE

        Ohhhhhhh, Another holy crusader to stop people like etcrr. You are the douche bag that worries to much about people's score's. The whole lot of you can fuck off.

        • tru nuff

          don't forget to log back in, Babyfart.

      • Lotus

        Couldn't be closer to the truth, all the "MOAR, FIND HER, and KCCO!" comments are a waste of life.

  • Le Derp

    #7 Can thou point me towards ye old Wal-Mart?

    • The Bacon Chronicles

      I laughed way too damn hard at that. Nice!

  • jbb
    • keef

      yeah…this chick is probably 12

      • burt reynolds

        after a little google magic, i figured out this is carly patterson, and she was 16 when this was taken.

      • burt reynolds

        its carly patterson and she was 16 in this pic.

        • GlibTongue

          I guess 16 is ok then…

      • Steve Masterkock

        She was 16?!? If she was 16 when this was taken then she's like 20 now so it's toooootally cool to look now. It's like fine wine. No matter how young it is, if you just wait a couple years you can fuck it

        • Wow

          You sir, are truly a scholar and a gentleman.

          j/k, that's disgusting

    • Jumpingthrough

      Yeah, I have a feeling atleast one pedophile works for Chive.

      • its_forge

        It's not a pedophile if it likes girls who have boobs.

    • Wtf holy shit


      • BruceWayne

        Better then Fuck Fart Face.
        Change the vibe fucking creepy.

    • pervyman

      True Pedo!

  • Big Joe

    #44 True American Bad Ass!

    • It's All Good

      Much respect to Taylor, indeed a bad-ass. Much respect to his lady who has his back and is making his recovery possible.

    • Jesus

      This is probably going to receive a lot of negative votes, but I don't really care. How does being injured in the line of duty make this guy a badass? All it means is he was one of the unlucky ones who had to make a sacrifice.

      "I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country."

      • Big Joe

        If you had been paying attention to the story over the past few weeks, you would know that it's not his injuries that make him a bad ass, but his valor in combat and his attitude toward his recovery!
        And as for your Patton reference at the end, I'm sure if he were alive today Gen. Patton would probably agree that Taylor is pretty bad ass.

  • Sask Rider

    #35 Hit me up babe, you are SMOKING HOT!

    • Daniel Tosh

      honey, he got tired of your shit. You should of added more bacon on his breakfast plate

    • filthyslob

      her ex is really dumb or she's incredibly crazy. either way i'm down

    • KPD

      If Sask Rider stands for Saskatchewan Rough Rider's you better give up now. Guaranteed.

    • D Again

      Where is this market this fine lady speaks of?

    • nwf

      I found myself saying "oh my god" when I got to this one.

    • BruceWayne

      Babe you're on this site all the time showing almost everything.
      He got pissed.

    • Suspicious

      Everyone of these "newly single" should come with his side of the story… seems like every single one is portrayed as the a victim and had nothing to do with the break-up.

      • silky

        well the girls are obviously attention whores. I would say she was too high maintenance.

        Just remember; For ever hot girl you see, there is always someone tired of putting up with her shit.

      • Jesus

        And why do you think they like bringing their break-ups to the Chive? Sure isn't a bad deal when she comes out smelling like a rose, with hundreds of slavish losers saying "you're so hot, your ex is so dumb/gay, I would do ANYTHING for you". Let me get things straight for you guys. Their exes are probably normal dudes, breaking up with them for normal reasons. Not all guys place a woman on a pedestal and worship at her feet, just because she's hot. Haven't you guys ever been with a hot woman before?

    • Ferguson

      with that body, the level of crazy must be off the charts for him to leave….

      • Gmac

        Exactly what I was thinking.

    • GreyGhost9

      I wouldnt leave you unless you are a vegetarian, if you love bacon email me.

  • jesse

    #9 boobbbbbsssss

  • Big AL

    I believe someone needs to comment on #35 because she is gorgeous…your boyfriend is fucking retarded

    • JarikCBol

      No Joke. On the market? Sold, sight unseen.

      • Lok

        Youve already seen her

    • Arcona

      She appears to be plugged into the mains.. maybe he's scared of androids.

    • WTF

      I hope she is just getting out of the shower, and not just getting done taking a dump.

    • Laura Stanton

      She may be gorgeous, but that doesn't mean she isn't cray cray. Nothing against her. just crazy females in general.

      • BruceWayne

        Babe you're on this site all the time showing almost everything.

    • RossC86

      Retarded, or a complete homo..

    • TMull

      No matter how good she looks, somebody, somewhere is sick of putting up with her shit! That goes for everyone! But, DAMN, she looks good!

      • its_forge

        So what, maybe the person who's sick of her shit is an insane asshole moron.

    • sandy astroglide

      Yes, and that is the one and only thing that should be considered when seeking a significant other.

  • Big Duke 6

    #9 sweet baby Jesus. Need!

  • Lugh

    #2 — Taylor Morris has done things for this country that the douchebag-in-chief would never, ever do for it.

    • Hey asshole

      ^That also applies to all recently former, present, and future douchebag-in-chiefs

      • Maine26

        Unemployed liberal I assume.

      • Lugh

        George Bush was a war hero in WW2, shot down over Japan and rescued by a US submarine. John McCain was tortured in a VC prison camp. Even the idiot-in-chief Dubya served in the national guard.

        Obama loves himself and himself only. He's got a wife who "for the first time in [her] life is proud of [her] country" because her douche husband was running. Ask yourself this: would Obama die for this country? Not a chance. Would Elder Bush? Absolutely. Would Clinton? Probably. Would Dubya? Without a doubt.

        This guy? Fucking forget it man, he cares more about himself.

        • IndependentA

          "Would Dubya? Without a doubt." LMFAO. Dubya was busy protecting the US from Mexico when he took the time to show up during Vietnam. Obama was of a different generation and, when he reached military age, Vietnam was long in the rearview mirror. So comparing Bush I, who was of military age when WWII was ongoing, McCain and Dubya, who were of military age when Vietnam was ongoing, to Obama, who was of military age in 1980, is (pardon the expression) bush league.

          • Lugh

            You know what's "bush" league? Obama kissing domestic terrorist and former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers' ass and considering him a friend and mentor. People like Obama who consorted with domestic terrorists like Ayers shouldn't even be allowed in the same ROOM as heroes like Morris.

            You know what else is bush league? Obama listening to Jeremiah Wright spew his anti-American hatred from the pulpit. "Not God Bless American, nah no no no. G*d damn America."

            • its_forge

              LOL Obama and Ayers have never said more than two words to each other. Nonissue made up by Karl Rove FAIL.

              • Lugh

                Well that's untrue. They moved in the same circles, went to the same parties, and served on the same boards together. Face it– this president is not only a monumental failure, but he's also a free-spending, big government, implied powers radical.

                As an independent, freedom-loving American, I would rather throw myself down a flight of stairs than be in the same room with Ayers or Jeremiah Wright, let alone go to the latter's church or events at the former's home.

                • its_forge

                  **Nothing** you said about Obama is true. You should probably get started finding a suitable flight of stairs because I have no doubt in my mind that you either have recently been or are currently occupying the same room, building or office suite as someone who is far more radical and revolutionary than old, burned-out Ayers or Jeremiah Wright who served in the United States Marine Corps.

            • its_forge

              LOL x2 bringing up Jeremiah Wright. That was a complete nonissue when the assholes on Fox brought it up FOUR YEARS AGO.

        • Jesus

          Would any of them risk their lives now? Hell no. They're politicians. If you haven't learned that they're all self-serving bastards (no matter how good they look, because that's the name of the game) by now, you really need to grow the fuck up and see the world as it is. I'm sure if Taylor Morris had a choice, he wouldn't have wanted to lose his limbs, either.

    • Mel

      I wonder if that war HERO would still be in the same room with him if he knew that Obama wanted our military to pay for their own medical coverage?

      • A BiPolar Guy

        That's a bs story. Someone in the admin briefly suggested that those soldiers who were already covered by private medical insurance (from civilian jobs, spouses, etc) could have costs shifted to those insurance companies. This idea was quickly dropped, and never endorsed by the President. Never was it even suggested that soldiers pay from personal funds. Like a lot of outrageous attacks on the President which float around on the internet, it's a dirty lie.

        • caleb

          war is money, not freedom. ron paul for pres.

        • Phil S

          Could everyone please stop referring to the entire United States military as "soldiers"…. Some of us do not appreciate it.

          • A BiPolar Guy

            so what would you prefer and why is soldier offensive?

        • Nobama

          Actually. ..A recent appropriations bill passed by Congress is being threatened with a veto because there are no provisions to increase the share of cost for Tricare AND none to make members of the military make a co-payment for medical services. Emperor Obama demanded both, didn't get them, and is threatening a veto. So, yeah. STFU.

          • R-no-mney

            I can make up things too.

          • A BiPolar Guy

            While true it's not really the same thing as this is simply an increase in existing insurance contributions originally established in the 90s. This is not the same as making the soldiers "pay their own medical costs", and it's not a new program just the increase is new. Personnel costs are a major part of the defense budget which is a major part of the US budget. Everybody calls for a reduction in the deficit but no matter what either party in congress or the president proposes, a bunch of people say oh no, we didn't mean to cut spending there!. Balancing the budget is going to hurt the military and social programs big time or it can't be done.

    • aaron

      your comment is your contribution to your country, good job

    • Maine26

      So true. Obama ruins the pics

    • mih808


    • PartyMarty

      What a towering asshat you are.

      President Obama has done more for this country than any president in 50 years. President Bush nearly drove this country off a fucking cliff. We're damned lucky to have this guy. He pulled us out of a dead spin.

      And even if you disagree- though I doubt you're open to persuasion, regardless of the facts- have some respect for the fucking OFFICE. "Douchebag-in-Chief"? Fuck off. Amazing how Republicans were all flag-waving, tears-in-their-eyes, Lee-Greenwood-singing patriotic saps for whom the chief executive could do no wrong until a Democrat took office.

      • Lugh

        First off, you have your head so far up Obama's ass that you can see what he had for breakfast. Second, I'll call him whatever I damned well please– he works for me and he's not a god nor is he king. You are also assuming (erroneously) that I am a Republican, and for some reason you are comparing Obama to Dubya, which is like comparing a lobotomized lemur to a Madagascar hissing beetle. News flash: they're both utter fools, but I imagine that you were laughing your ass off when Bush got a pair of shoes thrown at him.

        And really? Obama has done more for this country than Kennedy? Reagan? Clinton? Bush 41? If you mean that he's spent more than all of them combined, then yes. If you mean that he's authorized indefinite detention of American citizens without trial (see the latest NDAA), then sure, why not.

        Pulled us out of a dead spin? What fucking planet are you living on? Unemployment is 8.2%. Underemployment is 14.9%. 16% of African Americans are unemployed. 11% of Hispanics are unemployed. Last month more people went on disability than joined the labor force. The "stimulus" bill was supposed to keep unemployment from ever going above 8%, but it peaked over 10%. By this point, unemployment was supposed to be at 5.6% with his stimulus bill, but instead we're $16,000,000,000,000 in debt and still sinking deeper.

        I suggest you see a doctor about your case of cranial-rectal inversion.

        • Will

          Excellent post. Politics isn't the answer to achieving liberty, because government is the antithesis of freedom, but it is interesting to note that liberals had their buttons pushed when "Dubya" was torturing people, but when a democrat takes office, the hostility is virtually gone. This shows the damaging dichotomy of allegiance to partisan lines.

        • Jesus

          He's done more than Reagan. Reagan is the worst president to date. His tax reform, trickle-down econmics, his faiure of a War On Drugs policy, SDI and re-ignition of an already dying Cold War, and more have caused so much debt, economic disparity, and other far-reaching damage that is stil being felt today. Don't you short-sighted fools see reason? People falsely attribute the current economic/political situation to the current administration, i.e. Reagan's short-sighted policies may have helped along a temporary economic boom, but did a lot of long-term damage which we fallaciously blame more current administrations for. Congratulations for falling for the Reagan propaganda (hey, he was an actor, he's definitey no stranger to PR). Sometimes, I dream about a world where Timothy Leary won governorship of Calfornia from Reagan, and ended Reagan's political career right there. How different a USA that would have been…

      • @FLRescue

        Keep drinking that Koolaid. Obama sure has done a lot for this country. Majority of it was not wanted from its people but those are minor details. The Constitution is really more of a recommendation than guidelines to follow I suppose.

        He pulled us out of a dead spin, made it way worse by giving money to every company that helped got him into office and shares his ideals and then forced healthcare on us (more tax). That is the tip of the ice burg. Obama is shit and does not care about what is good for this country, only what is good for him.

        You morons and your tolerance of everybody and everything are why this country is in the shape it's in. Highest unemployment rate in history after OBAMA wastes all of CHINAS money. I can see why you think he has done a good job.

        Take your head out of your ass and stand for something other than giving handouts to everybody. Asshole

      • evad

        stop asskissing obama and just prove it man…

    • Douche

      You ass clowns decided to vote for Mitt Romney against Obama instead of Ron Paul. If you think our economy is shit and in the gutter now, wait until Romney takes control and makes matters even worse than they currently are. Stop complaining and actually vote for the right people.

      • Jesus

        You say that like voting actually makes a difference…

    • jkmcdermott

      Bet you miss W, don't you. He, Cheney, Wolfowitz and the monster Rumsfled are war criminals who played fast and loose with our history. They made war like it was a hobby and treated our military like a plaything. Ten years and trillions of dollars on and young American heros are still multi-deployed to these shitholes? Chant your slogans and wrap yourself in the flag. But don't blame the guy whowas left to clean up. Fool.

  • chiverisi

    #35 win

    • Lou

      with that body the crazy level must be 9000 for someone to leave…

  • Anonymous

    #48 dumb bitch

  • mIdwest

    #30 just took It to a new level

    • the_big_dp


    • Tec

      Sammy Braddy. She is smoking hot. One of my favorites.

  • Shitcago Blackhawks

    go canada

    • Notknowing

      I second that.


      Go where. I shit you you not, Canada doesn't win more than 3 gold's at this summer olympic's. If that.

    • USA

      just remember that you all are the lice living in our hat.

  • Ryan Phineas Chandler

    #35, i'm in love

    • A BiPolar Guy

      I'm just in lust, but i'm willing to negotiate

  • Ryan Phineas Chandler

    #50… it's like a ferrari and a lamborghini, i know i can never have either but damn are they beautiful

    • John Smith

      Forever Alone…

    • SoCalChiver

      Where there's a will, there's a way!! In the mean time KCCO!

    • @FLRescue

      Correction… The idea of them is beautiful. Just remember, for every hot girl, there is a guy who is tired of putting up with her shit.

      I grew up in Miami with beautiful girls everywhere. 99% of the ones I knew were pure trash once you got past what they looked like.


  • Carlos Rodriguez

    #9 #11 #19 #30 #35 #39 Good god. What a great week.

  • mischief42

    #34 I wonder how long the line up is for that Cubicle

  • Car Guy

    #35 Make his loss my gain please,

    • Joshua

      Yeah but you HAVE to wonder why anyone would let that go. Think about that,

      • Travis

        Show me a guy who eats steak everyday, and I'll show you a guy who just wants a burger.

  • Tony Monte

    #9 #11 #30 #42 #47 #50 Sweet Baby Jesus…Thank you.

    • axle

      what happened the chicks in #42?

      • Rod

        they got hit with the ugly stick.

      • silky

        they just graduated from elementary school. their faces show they are 15. Must be rich kids whose parents bought them boob jobs. I hate the world these days.

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