Bizarre urinals: Why shouldn’t you have fun while you go? (27 Photos)

  • Bizarre Urinals, assembled by | In the Can

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  • Red

    #10 and #22, would think they would be at a fancy gay bar or a rich gay dudes house…., but no it's just france.

    Oh and that one with the roboarms. Yea no. Novel yes, but last thing I want us that to malfunction. Squeeze to hard, not hold hard enough and have a frakin firehose going everywhere, or worse take something with it, last but not least, shut down with my junk in it. Who knows whatvthatll lead to when reset. I'm certainly not going yank.

  • Corrotion Potion

    Don't you ever wish God resurrected the dead like He used to back in Lazarus day, when Lazarus was lucky enough to be revived from his physically dead state of his body? Why would God create winter if everyone is not happy with that season? Wouldn't mankind had, had one less hardship if winter and fall had never existed and humans did not have to suffer the indignity of their bodies rotting becoming skeletons and then disappearing after becoming rotting corpses when that would not even happen to trees. Unfortunately even wild and tamed beasts have to suffer the same indignity as us as well. Some of these, some of us might think is humorous, but not all of them.

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