Friday Dopamine Dump (38 photos)

  • Bob

    #21 want!!
    #24 want more!!!

  • Anyone

    #20 since when does saun white have facial hair? And why did he swap clothes with that college athlete from Texas?

  • edwin winnipeg

    #38 haha! its a mad mad mad mad world! a great movie

  • Stick

    Fuck you, treat those records properly.

  • Keith_D

    #5- God, I miss this show!
    #24- Is it weird that the sexiest thing about this picture to me is that she's reading a book in a library? Moar of her please, Chive.

  • Odessa chiver

    #34 where is this @

    • WhatTha



    #12 Keep Calm and Climb On

  • Buzzkill

    So.. uh… #23 is the dude in scottsdale arizona who went on a rampage and injured like a dozen people and broke a pregnant women's legs by hitting her with a car, right?

  • moeshere foxdale

    #38 Now thats funny

  • Paul

    #7 Looks preggers

  • Rhoethbeort

    #32 Albert Eider-stein

  • elguapo80

    #21 wow really. wasted 2seconds of my life. who cares if u have a stupid futurama credit card. sooo gay

  • WhatTha

    #24 looks like she could do with some support in the middle. I think my face would work.

  • IrishMan

    #2 is just so hot for some reason.



    Cant be real has to be shopped!

  • Zach Rochner

    #38 Hilarious movie.

  • Victor

    #28 Not sure if that's an old photo or a Hipster and instagram

  • Jayro Lopez

    #32 QUICK! Get in the Delorian, there isn't much time!

  • Captain Obvious

    #27 – had to watch this about 4 times to really see what was happening… probably one of my fav gifs ive seen.



  • Greg
  • tasWolf

    #28 should store her vinyls better.. tut tut

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