Girls who went under the gun for our viewing pleasure (49 photos)

  • Macro

    #17 #20 Oh God please moar …

    • Cruzer117

      #20 is coeur de pirate you can actually find pictures of her naked as she shot nude pics a little while ago !!!

    • Tomas

      I'll take a #17 sans tats to go, please. B)

  • Leo

    #6 & #27 ftw

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    #5 Ugly Earrings are ugly.

  • jun

    I don't have anything against tats on women, but what I don't understand is what some of them chose to have put on them?
    #11 – some 3-eyed woman?
    #21 – octopus?
    #23 – a massive snake running the entire length of your torso?
    #42 – monster spider web?
    Seriously? And the minute you get a tat on your neck or hands I'm out. Ugly. The rest are gorgeous.

    • jake

      you are an idiot..

  • ben

    don't like ink? stay the fuck out of the thread and don't comment.

  • Michael

    Average Joes Bar – Broad Ripple Indianapolis = waitresses just like these chicks – ALL of them

  • yep

    Nice #37 evelyn from xoeve

  • judasp1

    #32, Clean your room and get in the kitchen

  • slmlmn

    #6 looks soft and #9 is beautiful and looks like J Lo.

  • wowzer12

    #18 Wow! #20 For the win!

  • M4jestic

    #6 #11 #14 are gorgeus

  • Nate Woodard

    #32 Dear god.

  • Juan R

    Wadda ya think, 90% are strippers?

  • Ken

    Hey #45, the word "OUCH"… is that a depth gauge?!

  • Rafiki

    #14 Is there a website where I can meet girls like this?

  • ChiveFromWA

    #6 is the winner in my book

  • I'll Bet

    #5 you were so pretty, you f** up with those gross ears

  • Adam Kuczkowski

    I can sense a lot of Daddy issues…

  • bigbooty

    #18 is the only one I think has tasteful ink…

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    So much sexy.

  • Central-Scrutinizer

    #14 Send in more!

  • egodeus59

    I don't mind ear stretching to a point but people take it way too far.

  • Casper

    3 and 6 are the same girl!

    • Trent Walker

      ummmmmmm no they're not. Would love to know who #3 is though.

    • @christianosway

      I can see why you'd think that [the anchor tatt started on #6 looks similar to the one #3 has] but if you look close enough they're different and the hands have different Tatts. Both have really nice ink though – would love to see #3's upper half!

  • Verbal_Kint

    WTF with all the scene girls?

  • Wylie

    #37 Must be a huge fan of Sex and the City, looks like the beginnings of a Sarah Jessica Parker portrait on her stomach.

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