Girls who went under the gun for our viewing pleasure (49 photos)

  • eltorrito

    please find #6 #28

  • Micks

    Tattoed Girls FTW

  • thehaterfromdecatur

    I wanna see a "find her" gallery in 10 years with all of these ladies….

  • jay

    fav gallery

  • 670

    #13 WOW

  • AtotheG

    #32…Nice!!! Now clean your god damn room.

  • slmlmn

    #18 and #43 does anyone else have the urge to lick these backs?

  • I am right

    Trashy as fuck

  • tapsnapornap

    Even #15's tatt is looking at her boobs

  • Medici

    Can't wait to see them start their porn careers!

  • Hard Time

    MOAR of #13

  • Hard Time

    I think a heavy does of MOAR from #16 is required to make my day

    • fernsyla

      agreed. I dont know why anyone commented earlier

  • monoxxide

    i love tattoos as much as anybody that has them and all i have to say is a tattoo "machine" is not a gun…. and all the girls in this post rock the ink.

    • Punchasize urface

      Thanx for clearing that up. For the life of me i had no idea what this post was about, i thought it was gonna be girls with guns to their heads. I've heard that term plenty of times, just because you and your boyfriend call it something different doesn't make you an expert

  • Kevin

    What a absolute waste to see the most beautiful god ever created trashed by a girls need to be an “individual”. No thought as to what these will look like in thirty years. Very very dumb.

  • amazed

    #17 #20 #24 #32 #6 #16
    Yes yes yes

    • amazed


  • T.Mo

    #28 MOAR!!!!!

  • still would

    A well placed tat is hot as hell. A hole in your ear any bigger than a needle is disgusting. Doesnt matter how hot the girl, it makes you look hideous.

  • eltorrito

    #31#11 #13 #19 #26 this chicks are bomb

  • Ryan

    #11 Ron Weasly appears to be using his inner eye to see that pretty girl's future

  • HTownDude

    #6 and #34 we need so much moar!

  • mike


  • CanucksRule

    not the biggest fan of crazy inked-up girls, but don't mind #6.

  • Zaedrus

    #15 Because hawt.

  • Enthusiast

    #9 stole my soul in the sexiest way possible.

  • Meh

    Whenever I see chicks with tunnels, my internal Quagmire asks, "Do you get freaky with those things?"

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