Girls who went under the gun for our viewing pleasure (49 photos)

  • Brad

    thats a lot of self loathing

  • chiver

    nope, they're not doin' it for me

  • Ltdan0421

    Girls with ink are awesome. They got it going on. Don't like it, don't look.

  • 907Chiver

    #17 need MOAR

  • Bammer

    #28 made my day MOAR

  • munky

    i am so in the wrong country,wish s.a had more women like this

  • Shade

    Girls with tatoos… man this is hot!

  • Cee

    These girls are absolutely beautiful – great bodies too. So, why did they f… it up with all those tats?

  • sweets

    most of the tats look good, I've definitely begun to appreciate them more on women, but the random facial piercings and gauged ears……disgusting…..ruined

  • mischief42

    Need moar of #24 I would like to see all of the tattoo and the beautiful girl it is on.

  • Ben

    Tattoo MACHINE, not tattoo GUN.

  • @robnailer

    #20 BOOM!

  • 1madhatter

    #3, #32 Holy Legs, Stockings, and Tattoos!

  • horse

    moarr all tattooed women posts there all fucking slamming hot……
    give moarrr for your tattooed chivers

  • Ross Maysenhoelder

    Ware dose one find #5 shes a babe!

  • moeshere foxdale

    #46 Lost my brother to cancer at 26 I stand with you hon….FUCK CANCER

  • @JDougE09

    #6 and #9 yes please

  • irons

    Women are the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

    Tattoos on women look like fucking shit

  • chad

    #17 & # 25! holy guacamole their hot!!

  • Knowles138

    Don't call it a gun, it makes you sound like a jackass

  • Doc M

    I've always been a fan of girls with tattoos, but now I get pissed off every time I see some emo girl with a Sailor Jerry tattoo that has no idea of that history or tradition behind it. These carry a lot of meaning in the Navy and it just gets on my nerves to see every girl with daddy issues getting an anchor or sparrows inked whenever they please.

  • Scottsdale Chiver

    Love it!!! Girls the haters will always hate and not know or understand having ink. So many beautiful women here. Any one from the Phoenix area? Love tatted women!!

  • Alan!

    #13 Face? Moar?

  • Taylor

    Oh my god #33 – Yeah. Find her.

  • evart bum

    EFFIN GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOAR, MOAR, MOAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KCCO DIDN'T SEE ONE THAT WASN'T AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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