Girls who went under the gun for our viewing pleasure (49 photos)

  • Dumbfounded

    Why is #21 not getting any love on here? Gorgeous!

  • Tyno

    #24 WOW awesome, I want a gf like her beautiful

    • yodabiri

      Jandi Lynn? nsfw…

  • cockbeater

    #18, wish I could see that cave those butterflies are cuming out of!

  • 95blackz26


  • guest

    shut the fuck up about tattoos not being your thing. there are countless other threads here that you can go which don't feature them. if the ink is done right (as is the case with these chicks) it looks gorgeous on girls. it's not just that the girls are attractive…they both complement each other. I've seen hot chicks with shitty ink…and vice versa. but when you get gorgeous girls with excellent ink, like these fine girls, then we all win.

    good getting inked, girls, but do it with style.

  • illWill

    NEWSFLASH: Not all tattoos are hot.

  • billdeaux

    #18 has butterflies coming out of her butt!

  • Go Hoosiers

    Has ear fucking really caught on since that episode of Family Guy? Beautiful girls who managed to wreck their fuckin heads. FML. Why?

  • Craig Robertson

    #46 I got my first tat three years ago after my Dad lost his battle, so yours is def my fav! Good luck to your dad and best wishes to you and your whole family!

  • Uncle Kevin

    All of these ladies are beautiful! So amazing! Screw all the haters!
    Please #26 MOAR…….You are stunning! What I would do for a hello!
    Rock on ladies! Much love from Canada!

  • Dustin Hood

    Find. Them. All.

  • bonefish

    i don't get it. smdh

  • pat

    Simply not pretty. A statement for sure. But about IQ.

  • jon

    These are the best pictures ever

  • billyjack13

    I like #30 and #48

  • Chris

    #6 #28
    dibs. my team.

  • Bob

    #3. #6, #28, #38…These girls are so gorgeous. But #11…This picture is just TOO EMO.

  • Augie

    Nothing better than a bunch of sexy ladies tatted up with some bad ass gauges!

  • zombielincoln51

    if ANY of the women in this post live in chicago and would like to get drinks please let me know

  • firmintellect1

    Here's a secret kids: Tattoos are for morons.

    • guest

      making generalizations based on nothing more than one's own opinion is moronic.


  • rcorrino01

    Judging from the previous comments I know I am going to get a lot of flak for this but too much of anything is not good.

    These were all pretty girls. Some of them even stunning. But a lot of them have too many tatoos that distract from their natural beauty. I'm not against makeup, push-up bras (or no bras) and shaving, presentation is key, but to me this is the difference between detailing your civic and putting 22" wheels on it.

    But I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder so to each his/her own………

  • RoyJanes

    i know #21. SHes even hotter in real life.

  • Bob Pope


  • steve stoic

    Tats that are as subtle as a ball pean hammer. #18 farts butterflies, I guess that's cute?

  • troy

    #13 needsn a hand to hold en up and I volunteer. #24 is fukn awsome pity couldnt see whole image.

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