It’s Friday, IDGAF (25 Photos)

  • BGrimsleyII

    Classic "Not my Job"

  • FrankyPoo


    Dude is like: "WTF!? YOU'RE TAKING MY PICTURE!?"

    • Jess

      Is that Steve Wozniak?

  • krypto092108

    Where is #11 from?

    • Professor Squeegee

      Adobe®, travel roughly 600 bucks north at mspaint.

  • twd22285

    #25 NAILED IT!

  • plumpyplatypus

    #19 like a boss

  • Oscar

    #5 Is that Wozniak?

  • Eric

    #19 A red wing riding a red tail hawk

  • clin_735

    #20 I'm too lazy to read this

  • Guest

    IDGAF..its friday, and saturday, and sunday, and monday, and tuesday, and wednesday, and thursday.

  • Stuart

    C'mon Chive your getting lazy here..too many re posts

  • Cuthbert

    #20 does that all the time on Comcast On Demand. It's great.

  • Brandon Beardslee

    What scares me about #22 is that someone stared at this for at least an hour and thought, hey this looks good to me.

  • Ricardo

    #20 tl;dr

  • Gallus

    #6 – Meanwhile, in Russia.

  • cdnalor

    #10 I guess when it burns out he can return it the store "unused."

  • Dan Peterson

    Why is the yellow on top on #21 ?

  • ccoffman17

    #12 How is he going to get laid with that computer there?

    • tapsnapornap

      *Top bunk, unless it's being used to store provisions of Kleenex and Rockstar

  • Michelle Bense

    #21 …But I actually live off of that Street Road. I'm so used to saying that name that I forget how stupid it is. Thanks, Chive!

  • Notknowing

    #11 …when you are too lazy to strap on the roller blades…get in the car, drive to the airport, hike it to your chopper, spend a few minutes for safety check, a few minutes more to get it warmed up, and now you're off to take the dog for a run down the strip. Dumb bastard.

  • Keith_D

    #25- I tried doing this once, but I was never able to finish it 😦

  • moeshere foxdale

    #14 Thats just nasty….

  • saint

    my Friday started on Tuesday and #7 has been me all week

  • Steve

    I live by a street road.

  • @singint25

    #10 Also, arson

  • oilfield bill

    #18 lazy fat ass

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