It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (30 Photos)

  • TheTexan

    #30…..she is sexy. Carry on.

  • oneNonlyjuarez

    #17 hells to the yeah #24 wtf?!?!?!

  • loves sammiches

    #29 …and then we got a NEW dog.

  • n Balls

    If he's a gentlemen, he would thrown in a reach-around.

    • Dick

      Oh he is! Now he is face fucking me and holding on to my ears screaming "How do you like my DAR baby?!?!"

    • Dick

      I guess the Chive would rather not know about my chocolate lover splitting me open like an oyster? Oooh! My ebony cock god just blew a massive salty load on keyboard! I hope that doesn't stop me from scrolling all these interesting photos! Now he's rubbing my face in it jusnskhbdibdjbsjjjwpeuvysbsuwoeb. Delicious!

      • N Balls

        I wish I had a chocolate lover large enough to split me open. I've had so many trains run on me that everyone in my neighborhood calls me the Amtrak Man. I pray every night that one day I'll meet some hot young thing that will make it feel like the first time again!!!! Any of you Chivers out there that want to put this boy on their lap and take me for a spin?

        • Interested

          Oh yeah!! KCFMBA!! (Keep Calm Fuck My Boy Ass)

          • N Balls


  • M4jestic

    #17 caught in the action

  • Boston Rugger

    #4 One of the best sports photos ever taken.


    #14 that chick's eyes are crazy bad ass!

  • Kristen

    #29 who left the back door open and let the wolves in??

    • MattKL

      Probably the same person who let the dogs out.

  • Patrick


    in 3…2…1

  • NaughtyNinja74

    #21 They were hot up until I noticed they were Canes fans. GO GATORS!

  • Brian

    I hope that is not a goatse

  • dragon2777

    #30 Kind of looks like Angelina Jolie

  • Don D

    seriously WTF is that?

    • Kida

      It's a taxidermied coyote. That's my boy's dog Hokie!

  • Med

    I love how his hand makes a hole, i hope this wasnt staged cause it might be the best photo bomb in the history of man kind

  • chivealot

    #24 well thank god for the hand

  • phastman87

    #20 did that guy just get hit in the face with a mini baseball bat??

  • CanucksRule

    #22 – boss.

  • MattKL

    #4 That's one cool kid!

  • @justsayoyvey

    #24 What would cadence chants be like if they where rewritten in the internet age?

  • canemike

    We got some Canes over here!!!!!!!

    That has to be an old pic because it is in the Orange Bowl…RIP…

    • SilentAssassin

      Fall 2006…I miss it every day.

  • Laura Stanton

    Awesome thread. #7 lmao

  • twd22285

    #29 OK, don't freak out but right behind you…

  • Will

    #21 Eminem?

  • Sarah

    #16- 2 photobombs in one. The unbeknownst elderly man AND that ridiculous t-shirt.

  • Allen Schowengerdt

    #20 There is bat through that dude's head!! haha

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