• twd22285

    Am i the only one who thinks he looks retarded?!

  • Slip

    Was that Dom Mazzetti?

  • Cal1

    Voodoo magic man…..

  • hejhopp

    what in the fuck?

  • Guest

    20 second beer commercial preceding an 18 second video. Fail.

    • Luis Garcia

      that's because in order to be smooth it takes you three tries to tie your shoes.

  • Movements

    It reminds me of what i looked like running from
    a positive pregnecy test…just goin backwards

  • Mike_Dammett

    Tyson Gay couldn't cut it going forward, so he changed it up.

  • TubularTom

    I need those shoes.

  • Brian Wanueka

    My duck can do that too…. And he's white!!!

  • Lawrence Panis

    one of the most hilariously crazy things I've seen in a while, and I live in vegas….

  • hallsofstone

    Done with the "magic" of Heely's folks. Bitches got kicked out of middle school for stuff like this back in the day…pretty epic video though.

  • atryan2008

    3rd Street Promenade – Santa Monica. It never lets a new visitor down.

  • justin

    WTF did I just watch. a new XMen hero?

  • Beaman

    I'm pretty sure he's just sliding on a slick stone street and not actually using heely's are anything like that, which is impressive as hell. Crazy leg strength and balance…and African heritage

  • BenB

    holy crap, mind blown.

  • Anonymous

    WTF did I just watch?

  • 1.21jigawatts

    What new devilry is this???

  • Chicago Sean

    He's a street performer and stuntman in Santa Monica named Eric Nash

  • Plug Ugly

    Usher tried to steal this guys moves…. Hahahahahahaha…… USHER WHO???

  • The Dude

    Amazing what you can learn to do when you're not working all day to pay for other peoples food stamps and section 8 rent.

    • dandude

      Die painfully in a fire

  • Ty4

    This guy wins! At everything.

  • Ghost

    Clearly it's in Santa Monica

  • @M_Deso

    How is it even possible??

  • @M_Deso

    What wizardry is this? Is he wearing wheelies?

  • The Diesel

    It's pretty cool, not gonna lie, but I can do this if it's raining. As long as you can moonwalk you can also do this move in the rain.

    • iRu

      less talkie, more walkie! – if you know what i mean 😉

      Don't just be another "this is nothing"-guy without showing you got the skills to follow up. Hook me up with a youtube link where you're carrying a sign saying "The Diesel" while doing these moves…. or be forever quiet.

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