• dragon2777

    At first I thought it was being played in reverse but then realized everyone else is going forward so yes this is definitely magic

  • oknow thisisgood

    santa monica

  • Smith

    Where's the invisible rope?

  • McCrack Dilla

    Bath salts?

  • The Dude

    The fuck?

  • Justin Cowan

    I've seen that guy preform before down in Santa Monica. Shame it doesn't really rain there. Lolz.

  • Nailer

    His shoes are made out of Hotwheel cars.

  • Crescent fresh

    Play it backwards and it's not as good as I thought it would be.

  • Adam Tarrance

    The force is strong with this one…..

  • Damo


  • Supermoonwalk

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  • Stephan Welch

    Running from danger, yer doin it right.

  • Mark Weisen

    I would love to learn that!!!!

  • johnnyhans

    roller blading backwards with those roller shoes u can see him fall at the end cause he is on wheels. so nice job.

  • Liam Hanna

    beer…hold it

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  • Scotty

    Are you people fucking kidding? Are you that easily amused? Get off your fucking asses and see the world. Pussies.

  • Stockade

    For anyone else curious, and NOT hating on the guy for being a street performer

    Subscribe, show him some props for some impressive body control and be excellent to each other =)

  • dulo

    i wanna see him try to do that on justin beibers face

  • Greg Kostrzewski

    no fucking way

  • Jonesyme

    Took me a second to figure this out. First off, he's wearing Heelys (the shoes with wheels in them). If you watch the beginning he's using a sharp outward motion just before his feet leave the ground in order to push himself backward (similar to how you would if you were ice skating backwards). Combine that with a zealous leg/arm motion and you get the effect. Pretty cool.

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  • scary69

    can someone please tell me wht=y i cannot see the main videos im getting the trailers but not the vids

  • Gordana-Doda Stetin

    holly molly sh!!!t!

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