• Der Freischütz

    Curse you ninjas with onions. I will find you. After I stop these onion based tears.

    • Der Freischütz

      Also, First.

      • Der Freischütz

        Except….no. Just no, whoever thought it would be funny to make the same name.

    • Tottyx

      fuuuck that was good… i can stop LOL

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonny.napolitano Jonny Napolitano

      lol im glad i watched this by myself. thank you all who served

  • Crammer

    I am not a military man myself, nor is anyone close to me, but these videos get me every time man! And that's coming from a guy who doesn't cry very often and I've seen a lot of messed up stuff in my life. I think it's the thought of love for your family or loved ones that these people feel that gets me. People in uniform, serving, deserve respect and I think theChive does an excellent job at doing that. KCCO, a Canadian Chiver

  • ctvdude

    yeah, I cried like a little bitch with a skinned knee

  • longcoolwoman

    At least I had enough sense to wait til I got home from work to watch this. Ugh, tears.

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.hemann Justin Hemann

    I HAVE to stop watching these things!!!! They get me every time!

  • Ed_Led

    Ok, ok, you got it, you made me cry.

  • Dan

    Curse you "allergies", why do you have to make my eyes water every time I watch one of these videos

  • Scott

    God I love these videos! God bless our troops and their families!

  • thebigbangdito

    Great video

    thank you to everyone who has served or is serving… we owe you everything

  • Shane

    I've never been supportive of the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq, but I have the utmost respect for anybody in uniform. My uncle served as part of the peacekeeping force in the former Yugoslavia in the early 90's, and after hearing some of his stories, I know it's not something I could do. So thank you to all that serve, and I hope that you can all make it home safe and sound.

  • on a

    Thank you for the video and all those special moments in each family. it surely made my day, looking forward to go state side sometime soon. Thank you again

  • MattKL

    Sorry, just got some concrete in my eye.

  • JR of Sydney

    Thought I could hold it, but lost it when the dog starting crying. Awesome stuff US, KCCO from an Aussie brother.

  • Mikey

    I was doing fine until the little boy at 2:46, emotional overload!!!

    • Adrian

      i made it to 1 min and i thought i could hold it in. damn ninjas working with onions around my office

    • Squirrel

      I somehow made it all the way to five, but then it was simply too much

    • http://www.facebook.com/jan.lim1 Jan Lim

      it got me too!!!

  • Jenny

    I'm not American nor do I know anyone serving, but bloody hell these get me every time! What can I say, I love love.

  • NEW

    what is this my eyes are leaking, is that supposed to happen? I guess it happens. Chive you got me.

  • goodguysfan

    There's a part 1, 2, and 3?!? Holy shit. I barely made it through this one! God bless our troops and their families.

  • Dixey_Normous

    I've got a huge piece of wood in my eye. That or I just can't control my emotion when it comes to how much these heroes sacrifice to make us safe. I'll never EVER be ashamed of being PATRIOTIC. God Bless these men and women and the USA.

  • steve

    right now off to hammer some nails into wood, shave my head grow a beard and have a pee, I need to do something manly to stop the water leaking out of me. And this is coming from a soldier

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrea.diaz.399041 Andrea Diaz

    .screw your tissue, get a towel!

  • Fletch

    It's the hayfever…honest

  • http://www.facebook.com/Milosimmons Emilio Rodriguez

    I'm not from the US, but i would like to congratulate every single soldier that served…I hope from the bottom of my heart, that they enjoy the time with their loved ones…I salute you

  • adonisallan

    This is one feeling I'll never receive or experience. I know no one who serves in the army, and I will never be. The only feeling that I will ever have is the trying to stop the tear from building and cry like a baby when I'm watching this videos.

    To all of you who get to hug and kiss your love ones again, Congratulations!
    To all of you who lost someone and will never be able to hug and kiss them, more power to you!

    To everyone, Chive on!!!

  • Baby doll Wilson

    First of all I want to thank my Chiver husband for serving our country and dedicating the rest of his life for our country's freedom.

    Other than that, a big thank you to those serving, have severed, and for those who have lost their lives. Being a U.S. Citizen and an Army wife I have nothing but respect for you all.

    Chive, thank you for all the military support videos and pics you post. But damn you guys for making me cry!!

  • Joe

    Even harder to watch while being deployed and away from my girls…. 48 more days and daddy will be home…

    • Caleb

      The thumbs down was me. Sorry. Onions blurred my vision. A resounding thumbs up. I have been where you are and I know the excitement and countdowns. Don't forget to add a wake up. KCCO.

    • Humble American

      God speed, Joe.

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