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    Are Macbooks water resistant? No reason, I'm just asking.

  • http://www.bbcboards.net/bbc-lounge/269709-soldiers-surprising-their-loved-ones.html#post2555476 Soldiers surprising their loved ones..

    […] their loved ones.. must be a lot of dust in the air. One of the best videos I've ever seen Best of Soldiers Surprising Homecomings (Video) : theCHIVE Scooter: Nov 1998-Jul 2011 – always in our hearts Reply With Quote   […]

  • Johnny

    Enough with the onion jokes, be a man and admit that your cried/tears came out of your eyes. I cried.

  • KCCOrazorback

    Thanks i needed that 🙂 and thanks to the Chivers and Chivettes serving our great country !!!

  • Scott

    As a soldier thats been over sees and contucted many of my own homecoming surprises, I still cried like 6 out of the 7 mins of this video. Welcome home!!

  • Blain

    Truly emotional moments………

    But feel bad for them as they believe they are serving the country……..whereas the fact is they are being used ……….for a propaganda to serve Israelis interests than those of USA………

  • Miggy

    I'm pretty sure it's allergies…..very cool!

  • .Krookz

    I remember the 1st time my brother arranged this for my mom. We suprised her at work. She was like "Hey guys" and started to walk away. Instant tears when she realized what was going on 🙂

    My brothers currently deployed in the states. His current job doesn't allow us to see him but on video chat

  • American1st

    These guys are the best. My family's served in every war going back to the Civil War, and there were never any talks about what was seen or done, but years of reminiscence on the homecomings, and what they all meant. I was too young to remember my Dad's homecoming, but this video brought home what he must have felt…and yes, I cried like a baby. Thanks to everyone for their service, past, present, and future!!

  • http://twitter.com/JavierHands @JavierHands

    I'm not american and I don't live in the US, but I thank everyone of these men/women for putting the safety of their country and sometimes the rest of the world, first. By making such sacrifices. Even if I don't approve of certain conflicts (war), its amazing to see these kind of actions!

    Thank you! for sharing this. It made me miss my dad incredibly bad, but it also reminded me of the great moments we shared.

    And thanks to everyone deployed right now reading this! For doing what you do!

  • justme

    Damn you Chive!!! How you make onions burn my eyes through the screen????

  • mith


  • Carson

    what is this salty discharge from my eyes?

  • twd22285

    And now I'm balling like a baby at work..

  • JMc

    Thanks, Chive. I needed a good cry.

  • raul

    It’s a very emotional video, but don’t you have videos of your enemy’s soldiers getting back home?, no… that’s right , they don’t have a home anymore.

  • Shoofly

    Busted by my roommate. Fuck you, you're not getting my man card.

  • Nom Nom Nom

    Chive, I didn't cry at my Dad's funeral, I didn't cry last week when my apartment and everything I owned burnt to the ground. But 5 minutes spent on the Chive this morning and I bawled like a little girl. Thanks for this post and Thank you to all of our Service men and women out there risking their lives to protect ours. You all are loved, even by people you don't know.

  • naughtymgn

    Wow…. that was awesome…. now I need to go find a stack of kleenex for all these tears!

  • alicia

    Chive I love you, but tear ducts can only handle to much

  • fusicus

    I'm not crying, my eyes are just sweating

  • Bobestradamus

    Well that brought tears to my eyes.

  • Alien

    Oh you humans and your heart warming moments… gets me everytime

  • IrishMan

    I had seen a few of these already. But I nearly broke when the scene with the little boy walking across the gym.

    Definitely have to thank ALL Armed Services members AND their families who sacrifice along with them. I appreciate all you do and allowing us all the freedoms we have.

    Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day. Truly we have much to be grateful for.

  • Guest :)

    1:15 & 2:48 made me snap!!

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