There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (98 Photos)

I've posted a lot of Sexy Chivers, and it's not lost on me that I have the best job in the world, but the Chivettes stepped up their game this week. I really hope you enjoy this one, because our girls gave it both barrels this week. Seriously …

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes submit here.

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  • Rusty_Dreams

    Best Chivette post ever!! Almost every one was gorgeous!! But #78 is the one that made me say "Holy Shit!" out loud. Drop dead gorgeous!! FTW!

  • BOHknows

    I am deployed with 29's boyfriend. That is funny

  • Zzyzx85

    where is #6 ?!?!

  • Adel Arellano

    #2 Represent KCMO!

  • Bohknows?

    Who is this?

  • Brian S

    All you chivettes rock!! But #90 s eyes got it for the win.

  • The Donald

    #3, Damn she is WAY to sexy.
    Anyone know if she is from WI? Reminds me of a beautiful bartender I met in Milwaukee recently. So sexy!

  • Freddy

    #86 where do you put all that ass in.. Amazing body gorgeous you are!!
    Please send moar!!! Thanks!!

  • Matt Uli

    #7 I love to see NM on the chive thank you

  • chris

    #90 STUNNING!

  • da goober

    well Jon was right. Chivettes you have out done urselves. I personall can't wait to oay you loyal chivettes back via the berry. I still have a way to go. but until then.
    #3 & #8 sexy and beautiful plz submit MOAR
    #57 thank you!
    #79 yes i do!
    #80 u had me with ur eyes…and then you really gave it to me! wow! MOAR

  • Frank Fabian

    #97 moar!

  • yeah

    #25 you need to come to my place to pass your final test 😉

  • rennurom

    To number 7. Thank you. Its about time for someone from New Mexico to step it up and post. Very lovely. thank you

    • Dawn

      🙂 Thank you!

  • fresh.ta.death

    #39. Moar, please, for the love of god, moar!!

  • seanthecelt

    #2 Good to see a home town hottie on The Chive.

  • Rich Graff

    When I scroll through Sexy Chivers I look for beautiful smiling faces with gorgeous eyes. The rest of your outter physical beauty is an added bonus. A few great entries this week fit what I like best in pictures such as #15, #34, #46, #70, #90 and #94.

  • @dnwest1044

    #81 gorgeous just smile a little bit

  • gbl

    #46 & #51 … I cannot live without seeing moar

  • Tyler Wilson

    #91 Wee Neeeed MOAR!!


  • DavidZH

    #86 Even moar! Pls?

  • deprydation


    Wow…I still miss Kansas and now I miss it even more…

  • Tao Thoma

    Sexiest collection of women on the entire planet are our very own loyal Chivettes. True story. Chive on girls, chive on.

  • What_Tha

    #66 needs a gallery of her own methinks. Also, #23.

  • Anonymous

    One for the books..wouldnt be fair to pic a top 5 even

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