Wins and fails of facebook (24 Photos)

  • D-Bag

    First!!!!!! I love the cock!

    • furburger

      You should hook up with that 'Suck Me Dry' fella

      • dedonkey

        Good sir,you win……

    • Gene

      I think the "add pole" button at the bottom of the page is for you…

  • Justin Cider

    Seriously get a life.

  • Matt

    Nicely done Mac, nicely done indeed.

  • Tom

    You guys could try commenting on the pictures in the comments section for a change.

    • tom tom

      You could try fucking off and dying

      • Urethra Franklin

        Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry!!!!!!!

    • Phil

      Your profile picture is very nice…… happy now Tom!

      • vinnychase420

        LETTTSSS FUUUCCCKKIINNN RIIOOOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guz

    Yes. Yes you do.

  • drtyjrz

    These are awesome! I can't even think of a good comment, it's all been said already!!!!! Well played Mac.

  • Aaron

    #19 actually made me cry from laughing so hard. Or maybe that was residual from the welcome home video…either or…

    • hmmm


    • Charlie Galvin

      I wanted a link so I could click like on his comment.

    • trollatc

      #19 is the best one here lol

  • myself

    #5 I would have done the same thing myself if I was Amish.

    • black27696

      I do the same thing when I'm alone in an airport. It's easier to blend in.

    • Panda

      The elevator is going to blow their minds.

  • anony

    obviously a ton of these are fake with the "2 seconds ago" snap shots, i doubt it.

    • Parker

      Who gives a crap? They're still funny.

      • Dick Cockerson

        I'll give a crap in your mouth

  • tv_paul

    #5 Those wacky Amish during rumspringa.
    #13 I actually started laughing at this one.

    • Mike Page

      For some reason, I love saying "rumspringa", usually rolling the r's like it's Spanish. Now I have you doing it.

  • hmmm



    • fact

      Agreed. I laughed out loud.

  • 123321

    #10 HA

  • tg0st

    #9 get's me every time.

  • Swizz Mac

    I love in and out burgers and vaginas.

    • truth

      no argument here

  • Shazzbot7

    #9 Never roll out of turn

  • dragon2777

    #21 is great

    • Kristen

      Says the pencil-necked geek.

      • dragon2777

        honestly I am a huge geek but I am also in very good shape, the USAF will do that to a person

      • dirtysteve99

        I was surprised to see Kristen as the name, normally it's the guys who spend thousands on gear that need to defend it, you'd think a lady, especially a Chivette would be cooler.

        • Dirk Diggler

          You sound like such a pretentious douche. The first word out of a self-concious skinny dude's mouth when he sees someone who is bigger than him are: "Roids!" Most of the time they aren't on the juice. Don't get so mad about it. If you are happy with the way you look why hate on someone just for striving to be happy with the way they look? If you are jealous with hard work and dedication you can sculpt yourself into whatever ideal body standard you choose to hold yourself to.

          tl;dr dirtysteve is a skinny manlet with a fat girlfriend and serious confidence issues

          • Taylor

            It's the way the guys pretend to not show off. "which way is it to the weight room?" is funny because that's how buff guys actually act. When you get muscles, you're proud of yourself and you want to show off your hard work, which comes off as douchy to most people.

          • dirtysteve99

            Well dirk, again I'm going on what the guy's friend said, which suggested that he is on the roids.
            I'm not skinny or self-concious.
            Good job on the last sentence though, really shines through what a well adjusted individual you are.

  • Patrick


    A reaction to battery acid… go figure, but I bet it is not an allergy!

    • phucktarded

      Patricia, super genius..

    • yep

      lol was my thoughts exactly

      • flibble

        I know right? what a doofus.

  • techno_viking

    LOL @ #9….

  • James Ramos

    #15 #16 good times!

  • Ric

    Funny, funny stuff………………….needed that laugh……thanks so much

  • Optimus_prime

    #8 an elaborate batman line launcher

    • Anomanom

      A really cheap ona-hole.

  • MarthaJeane

    #1 that is exactly how I feel about that horrible place! Outstanding!

  • wkdfrog

    #19 Priceless!

  • Urethra Franklin

    Mostly #20. 17 is just Sad

  • @CeeLovis

    #17 priceless! Quack quack

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