Wins and fails of facebook (24 Photos)

  • HOYVIN Glavin

    #1 "Take my wife…please! And what's the deal with airline food? Is this thing on?"
    If I want a whole crappy stand-up comedy act I'll go to an open-mike night. The reason the guys in that store are miserable isn't because they're about to be a dad, it's because they're stuck shopping. But I don't know which one is the more worn-out joke premise – unwilling father or unwilling shopper. Either way, get some new material.

    • davo

      you've recently become an unexpected father and you're trying to justify the bitter unhappiness you're feeling right now aren't you

  • Kristen

    You hate Facebook because you don't have any friends.

    • AssHaterson

      Yes, you're right. I hate the idiotic shit that people post on FB because I have no friends. Nailed it. /sarcasm

      • chronicLSD

        that was sarcastic??

  • PubicJones

    #21 The trend nowadays is not take care of yourself, be average, and bash attractive people because the ugly, weak, and lazy are so fucking miserable and jealous, they have put down those who are just simply better. These are the same pussies crying about bullying too.

    • dirtysteve99

      He's not better, the suggestion is that he's been injecting juice, which makes him a weak, insecure individual.
      And he's the one putting other guys down here, so fuck him.

      • PubicJones

        Weak ass bitch.

        • dirtysteve99

          Yes he is, that's my point.
          If you can't do it naturally, you have achieved nothing. would he be impressive if he came off it?
          That's the acid test.

  • Wrench

    Dear God thank you!Came home frome work in a really shitty mood!Read this and laughed my friggin ass off! As for that last post,Meh, to each his own!

  • Whocares

    Just trying to get my head round why the guy who responded in #19 has a picture of shawn tyson as his profile pic, the guy that murdered two brits in Florida recently. Must be as big a c*nt as he is, hope he rots in jail.

    • gma

      I know what you mean; I was in a forum a few years ago and there is some fool with an avatar of Pol Pot. Exactly what was that message supposed to be. Not a comic representation or anything – more like official portraiture.

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  • dirtysteve99

    #17 Lack of self-awareness, that's the fundamental requirement for duckface in the first place.

  • chibwack

    #20…it's acid. that's no allergic reaction.

    • dirtysteve99

      I wouldn't tell them that, they'd just spend more time on facebook arguing about it.

  • Busternut

    #19 I can feel the burn from here.

  • steve

    Man, I laugh so hard I thought the bus driver was going to kick my ass to the curb. Thanx alot. 😀

  • Robert

    Half of these I wanted to know what the OP's response was, especially #17.

  • John Robert

    I liked the reference to public high schools. Awesome. I worked in a construction project in Arizona. I simply could not believe how many parents of pregnant girls would show up at noon to take them home. Often in well used crappy minivans. Will someone please explain to me who so many high school girls (and the boys involved) are trying to get pregnant? Most people will agreee that the best time of someone's life is the time between high school graduation (while still single AND childless) and about age 30. Why rush the natural order of things? Have children in your 30's. Party while you are in your 20's. Anyone who thinks you can party like a childless single woman after having a child while in high school is pitiful and clueless.

    • DDddk

      MTV…. You seen it recently?

  • John Robert

    Hoyvin Glavin: I agree with you 100%. As a father for the first time at 38, I did not regret the pregnancy. Also, I have NEVER gone to Babies R Us, and never will. You are right on about the need for new material. Also, anyone who becomes a father before his early 30's (at the earliest) is missing out on many good things in life. Why rush things? Is there a 20 year old boy/man out there who truly wants to become a father? No, there is not.

    • dirtysteve99

      True, I think they just learn to enjoy fatherhood when it happens, but better to do it on your own terms and in your own time.

  • Davedoesn'tgetit


    Never heard of an allergic reaction to battery "fluid", I should test myself.

  • John Robert

    Hoyvin Glavin: How about "Honey, how do you like this stroller"? Aren't they all basically the same. Why the eff am I here. Effing buy a stroller.

  • John Robert

    The reference above to working a construction project in Arizona was important because it was an expansion of an existing high school. Students were there. I saw the pregnant girls going home at noon. Sad.

  • Pat

    Ah, I wanted these to never end.

  • gma

    #7 virgin assclown level 99

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    #5 Do people still not realize hash tags are useless on Facebook?

  • Anthony

    These are pretty funny one thing that sticks out #20 "battery fluid" is ACID…..

  • lynlily

    love these…people are funny

  • Tex

    #5 living like a g the amish way #wholivelikethis

  • gma

    #7 fucking dalai lama fail – I want this posturing ass to wind up on the bottom of a pile of texas state troopers.
    maybe I just hate him because he looks like the dalai lama.

  • cheeseSammich

    #10 – clarity in FB posts is key to not getting 6 to 10" in your ass

  • Ed Jones

    #21. Such brilliance. So true.

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